Xerez CD does not raise its head and also falls to Torta del Casar (54-73)

The Xerez Sports Basketball Club, despite the changes, still not raising head and harvested Saturday a new defeat, this time before the Torta del Casar Extremadura in the Ruiz-Mateos by 54-73. Fernando Roldán, a Xerecista coach, did not hesitate to admit that “the defeat was a great disappointment because we had high hopes for this match.”

The team experienced a clear improvement in defense and in the closing of the rebound, since even was superior to the rival by capturing 40 rebounds compared to 35 for the visiting team, with a Abdoulaye Niang dstaking with his 10 catches and an Ogbonna Uchechi, with 7. In addition, Cian Sullivan continues to provide intimidation in the zone with a total of four blocks. Also important were the contributions of Abraham Silva with 8 points and 3 rebounds before being sent off for five personal fouls.

But that was not enough and the offensive mistake was evident with the 18 successful field goals from 60 attempts and the 22 turnovers. The MVP of the match was taken by Eduardo Recio and local Uchechi Ogbonna, who at 11 points and seven rebounds added two steals, a block and seven fouls received.

The game started in a hopeful way for the local team, which in the first quarter showed a great image, with defensive and offensive balance against an even rival in terms of play. From the second quarter began to appear xerecist mistakeA disorder that was evident in the last quarter, in which the Azulino team achieved their first basket with 2.33 remaining.

Roldán, disappointed

“Aunque ewe move very well in the first part, Torta del Casar had an incredible success in the shot of three, arriving at halftime with nine converted shots, which kept them ahead on the scoreboard. In the second half, we were able to improve the defense, but our attack was null and so it is impossible“, Roldán stressed, who has felt powerless: “Throughout the game I made constant changes of players, game systems and defenses looking for the combination that would make us get ahead, but there was no way.”

The preparer of the azulinos remarked what the lack of success was “a constant in the game. We missed comfortable shots, even trays or taps, and they made shots with the defender on top or tackles that after touching the defender the ball ended up in the basket. It’s maddening to see opportunity after opportunity lost“.


Xerez CD Basketball, 54 (19 + 14 + 12 + 9): Quique Romero (5), Samuel Abu (2), Elián Malinarich (12), Abdoulaye Niang (2), Cian Sullivan (6); Abraham Silva (8), Uchechi Ogbonna (11), Alejandro López, Georgi Simeonov (5), Carlos Sánchez, Víctor de la Rosa (3), and Manu Pérez Bordoy.

Torta del Casar Extremadura, 73 (20 + 25 + 15 + 13): Eduardo Chacón (5), Javier Vasallo (6), Juan Santos, Alejandro Martínez (15), Gullit Mukendi (2), Eugenio Egea (4), Fernando Quero, Eduardo Regio (17), Lassena Fofana (6), Karlis Helmanis (13) and Artem Mykhailov (5).




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