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Carl Pierre and the UMass basketball team return from a short break to play Fordham at 6:00 p.m. Wednesday. CHRIS TUCCI / UMASS Athletics

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The Mullins Center shootaround will determine a lot before the UMass men’s basketball team takes on Fordham at 6:00 p.m. Wednesday.

The Minutemen could only have seven fellows against the Rams. The rest will be game-time decisions, according to UMass coach Matt McCall. He didn’t say which players were in which camp, but Tre Mitchell suffered a shoulder injury late against Dayton, Kolton Mitchell was on concussion log, and Dibaji Walker had a wrist injury.

McCall also said some players – or a player who was intentionally vague – in a 10 day quarantine and allowed to leave just before the game.

« We have a couple of different things going on. We have people dealing with some injuries, That are hard to play with, « said McCall. » If you are faced with a 10-day quarantine and you have to get out on the day of the game, can you go out and perform? « We have a number of game-time decisions. «

UMass (5-4, 4-2 Atlantic 10) returned to training on Saturday after interrupting team activities on Wednesday due to contact tracing. This week’s sessions focused mainly on one-to-one tuition, player development, and conditioning. The Minutemen couldn’t play 5v5 in practice before playing La Salle at home on January 9th. « That makes practicing a challenge, » said McCall. « You have to get creative with what we do, but still make it competitive to make things out of it. »

In short or not, UMass doesn’t withdraw from a game. The Minutemen have postponed or canceled 13 games since the start of the season, McCall said. « We’re excited and will appreciate the opportunity to be out there tomorrow, » said McCall. “We’re not going to take for granted an opportunity to go out and compete.”

Enter Fordham (1-8, 1-8) who has been through its own whirlwind in the past few weeks. Rams coach Jeff Neubauer was fired on Jan. 26 and deputy head coach Mike DePaoli temporarily took over the post while Fordham looked for a permanent replacement. The Rams lost their first home game against Duquesne and then postponed competitions in George Washington and VCU for the next week.

« In situations like this, there are times when teams really come together and gather around this situation and play inspired « said McCall.

The Rams have lost six games in a row, including January 17th against UMass at Rose Hill Gym. They are the lowest scoring team in the A-10 and one of the 20 slowest teams in the country. « Fordham likes to slow it down and deliberately bring games into a rock fight, » said Carl Pierre, senior at UMass. </ The Minutemen didn't let them throw the first stone last time, building a 13 point lead in the first eight minutes of the game and leading by 30 points at halftime. But they don't just expect a win when they show up.

« It’s hard to beat a team twice. I don’t think we can rest on the fact that we beat them the first time, » said Pierre, « We got hungry and we’re trying hard to beat her again. »

UMass competes with one of the best tall men in the A-10 in Joel Soriano, fourth in the conference when it comes to 8.9 boards per game goes, scoring 10.2 points per game. The Minutemen may have to do it without Tre Mitchell, their steadfast center, depending on his shoulder. That means more minutes for Mark Gasperini. The transfer of Americans with a degree It lasted eight minutes, the last time the teams met and scored three rebounds.

Playing on offense without Tre Mitchell gets more complicated, he leads the Minutemen (and the A-10) with 20 points per game and is the team’s second lead assistant. UMass makes it a habit to establish Mitchell in the post early to decipher the defenses and open up other areas of the ground if the opponent collapses on him. Without this pivot point, the Minutemen will likely lean more on their guards and try to quicken the pace of the game in transition.

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