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The Circle, for the Zornotza

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The Gijon team did not just play outside the Palacio de los Deportes as they do on their court and the victories are resisting them. It is being a team with two very different faces and when it offers the good one it has nothing to envy to any of the other teams in the category. The objective is, therefore, to offer his best version on a field where he will have many difficulties to achieve a good result.

“There are ten days left and it is time to give everything,” said coach Nacho Galán, who praises his players: “It is a very united team.” The coach breathes a sigh of relief looking at the bench: “I finally have nine players from the first team and we are going to give it our all!”

Galán revealed that he had spoken with the players “about the dreams we had this summer when the team was formed and before the pandemic resurfaced with force and the injuries we suffered, but we are psyched up and eager to make a final of spectacular season ”. El Círculo, as Galán recalled, has had three victories in the last four games: “We want to continue in this dynamic, move up the rankings and stay in the category. Then it will be time to look for bigger goals.”

“The players are very keen, they all have a lot of basketball in them and they want to show that they have not come to Gijón to hang out but to give everything,” said the coach, who trusts that on the Zornotza court they will see “a team very similar to the one who played at home against the leader ”and is convinced that“ we are going to compete and make things very difficult for Zornotza ”. Regarding the Basque team, Nacho Galán is sure that “it is a great team, for something they are second.”

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Zornotza have eleven victories and six defeats. In their ranks Iker Salazar stands out, a forward with great experience in the category who ranks second in the rebounder classification, but at the same time he is also the team’s top assistant. Zornotza has its greatest strength in team play and not in individual performances. An example of this is that none of its players, despite the team running in second position, is among the 30 best scorers in group B, a ranking in which it is second with an average of almost 17 points per game. Along with Salazar, the presence of the young Canarian point guard Alberto Cabrera and the Dominican center Jeromy Rodríguez stand out.

Círculo Gijón is the leader of the group in triple shots and free throws and is the one with the least turnovers so far. The reason Nacho Galán gives for this is that “we do a very controlled and very intelligent basketball and we work as a team.” Despite this, the coach asks his players for “extra energy in defense to be able to win games like Zornotza’s.” What it seems is that the Gijoneses arrive at the best moment of the season to try to break their losing streak at home.

The Círculo Gijón also has to recover the match postponed twice against Melilla.


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