Sportsman quarantine in Thailand, Stretched vaccine, Luxury hotels, etc. reviewed the French-speaking press around the world to select 6 articles published last week on Thailand.

In Thailand, political tension spills over into vaccination campaign
Before the first vaccinations scheduled for February 14, the government’s health and vaccination policy is under fire. To the point that the crime of lese-majesté is evoked against those who dispute the granting of a contract to manufacture the vaccine to a company owned by the king.
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VIDEO. GEO Reportage – Thailand, the last voyage of an elephant
A mahout and his elephant, become unwanted in Bangkok, try to reach a camp set up for them in the south of the megalopolis. But to get there, you have to travel three hundred kilometers.
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Thailand’s newest luxury hotels
Due to the Covid-19 pandemic which is hitting global tourism hard, Thailand has seen the number of international visitors drop from nearly 40 million in 2019 to less than 7 million in 2020 (including nearly 800,000 French people). likewise)! If the country has backtracked on certain entry conditions (paying visa or full bank account), to date, as in many countries, local health measures impose on arrival a hotel confinement of two weeks at any foreign visitor. However drastic they may be, these conditions guarantee both the premises that welcome and their visitors an optimum degree of security in the face of this scourge.
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VIDEO. Badminton. The confidences of Thom Gicquel, badiste confined but happy in Thailand
Deprived of badminton since last March, Thom Gicquel (world No. 15 in mixed) returned to competition with great pleasure in Thailand, already signing a historic performance with Delphine Delrue. From his hotel room, the Breton, confined in the Bangkok bubble, confides in video before the finals of the World Tour.
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Julien Maïo tells about “hell” of the sanitary conditions imposed in Thailand
Strasbourg’s Julien Maïo played the first two international tournaments of the year 2021 in Thailand and had to comply with the drastic health conditions imposed by the organization. He tells of a virtual confinement that he considers incompatible with high-level sport.
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Endangered Siamese crocodile spotted in park in Thailand
An endangered Siamese crocodile, estimated to be 3 meters long, has been sighted for just the second time in ten years in Thailand’s largest national park, photos released by park officials show .
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