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Some 160 young people who participate in sports technification classrooms will benefit from transportation and maintenance scholarships

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Thanks to this agreement, young elite athletes of school age who participate in the modernization classrooms will be able to develop their studies without having to face the cost of transport and maintenance.

The modernization classrooms program, which is implemented in an institute in each Aragonese province – the IES Goya in Zaragoza, the IES Pablo Serrano in Andorra and the IES in Jaca – allows young elite athletes of school age to reconcile studies and training. The Aragonese Administration allocates the necessary budgetary allocation to cover the expenses derived from the school activity and the training of the students in the modernization classrooms.

Although at the beginning of this activity it was the athletes themselves and their families who assumed the travel and maintenance costs derived from their participation in the program, the collaboration framework established with the ‘la Caixa’ Foundation, which makes a contribution of 10,000 euros to Through CaixaBank, it has provided these classrooms with additional resources. In this way, the Government is in charge of the organization and applications for these grants, in addition to donating technical and material support.

The sports technification program has 162 places in the three institutes in which it is installed and has managed to raise the sports level in Aragon, with the inclusion of young promises from the land in national teams, in which they have achieved great sporting successes. Of the total number of students who are part of this program, 42 percent are women (74 compared to 88 men).

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In addition, the project aims to be a support to female sports practice and a way to avoid premature abandonment of physical activity for many students, who find it impossible to reconcile their sports development with studies from Secondary.

Regarding the investment that the Department of Education, Culture and Sports allocates to this project during the 2020-2021 academic year, it amounts to 850,440 euros, which represents an average cost per student of approximately 5,200 euros for the 162 students who study in this program.

The schooling of students in a special group of athletes facilitates coordination between the educational and sports systems for the attention of all aspects related to the comprehensive training of young people, giving special support to their academic and sports challenges, adjusting the calendars of Exams based on the dates of official competitions and reinforcing the educational content when required by students as a result of mobility derived from their sporting activity.

The program is developed in collaboration with sports federations, clubs and regional and municipal institutions, according to their scope of application. At the IES Goya de Zaragoza the sports modalities of rhythmic gymnastics, swimming, water polo, canoeing, tennis and table tennis are implemented; while at the IES Pablo Serrano in Andorra athletics, badminton, futsal, rhythmic gymnastics and rescue and lifeguard are available. Finally, the IES Pirineos de Jaca is focused on winter sports, offering ice hockey and curling.


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