MLB says NO to US government to start season on time

Major League Baseball has received great pressure from various sectors of society to make changes to its 2021 MLB Season schedule, but it seems that nothing and no one will make this happen. It was recently revealed that the MLBPA would have rejected and ignored a call from the administration of the Presidency of the United States as it would have wanted to pressure to delay the start of the 2021 season.

Various reports have reported that the Major League Baseball Players Association (MLBPA) did not respond to a call between officials of the administration of President Joe Biden and the MLB as they assumed it would be a meeting to pressure the delay of the campaign.

Journalist and MLB specialist Ken Rosenthal added this Wednesday, February 3, that the Players Union will have its own meeting with the government later in the month.

The MLBPA released a statement rejecting the Major League’s proposal to have a season of only 154 games. In it, numerous reasons for the rejection were raised.

Rosenthal added that “the season will not be delayed unless the coronavirus dictates otherwise” and that “MLB is moving forward with its plans and has asked its teams to report in time for Spring Training.”

The MLB will try to carry out a full campaign with a 162-game schedule, unlike 2020, which, although it could end, only 60 games were played per team.




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