Liga Betplay: América de Cali will receive money from the transfer of José ‘Pepe’ Moreno | Colombian Soccer | Betplay League

The patience award is what América de Cali is receiving, for an outstanding debt since 2007.

It is a matter of a lawsuit that the scarlet club had in process against Independiente de Argentina for the transfer of José ‘Pepe’ Moreno, a business that they only remembered in Cascajal but that in the current circumstances falls, literally, from the sky.

According to the newspaper Olé, there is no other choice for Independiente than to cancel a debt, which is close to 1,000 million Colombian pesos.

“José Moreno is 39 years old and he retired from football in 2016, in Jaguares de Colombia. Pepe, as he was nicknamed, is already away from football, but it brought a headache to Independiente. FIFA ruled against Rojo by a claim from América de Cali, which demands the payment of a debt for Moreno’s pass in 2007. The CD has 58 days to pay 200 thousand dollars, plus another 120,000 of interest, “the media published.

Moreno, after two seasons at Independiente (2007 and 2009), went through Juan Aurich (Peru), Steaua Bucharest (Romania), Once Caldas, New England REvolution (USA), Equidad, Bucaramanga and Jaguares, where in effect he retired, after being three times champion with América de Cali. So much time passed that few already expected the income to be reported in the coming days. The wait was worth it.



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