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Liao basketball official: the video of Guo Ailun’s improper remarks has been deleted

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Original title: Liao basketball official: The video of Guo Ailun’s improper remarks has been deleted

On February 1, the official Weibo of the Liaoning Men’s Basketball team released[Explanation on the controversial incident caused by Allen’s post-match training video]which is as follows:

Last night, a video of Guo Ailun after the game was sent by the Guangzhou Radio and Television Competition Channel. It received more attention due to the inappropriate remarks directed at Guo Ailun in the background. The club paid attention to this situation for the first time. CBA League, Guangzhou Competition Channel, Guo Ailun and his family have communicated. The communication situation and the official attitude of the club are now announced as follows:

This morning, a person in charge of the Guangzhou Competition Channel apologized to Guo Ailun himself and the Liao Basket Club over the phone, saying that they had deleted the relevant video on Weibo, and contacted some media platforms to delete the video. After communicating with media platforms that have not been posted, it will not be posted again. They also explained in particular that the improper remarks against Allen in the background sound of the video were definitely not done by the staff of the station, and that they were the media behind the Guangzhou team. Because of Guo Shiqiang’s guidance, they were against the Liaoning team. Guo Ailun has a good impression and hopes to post more things related to the Liao basketball to attract more Liao basketball fans. However, they also admitted that there was a problem with the review when they released the video, and apologized for the trouble caused to Allen and Liaolan. At the same time, they said that they will strictly standardize work procedures in the future and strictly control audits.

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Since the regular seasons of the first two stages of this season adopt a game system, it is not easy for the limited venues in the Zhuji Division to meet the training and competition needs of the 19 teams. In addition to the prescribed training time, the best choice for players to practice is after the evening game. time. Misunderstandings about Allen’s post-match training include not understanding Allen’s persistence and love for basketball, and turning a blind eye to these objective conditions in Zhuji.

Allen himself and his family hope that the media will no longer follow the trend and hype this matter, and that the fans will not overreact because of this and let this matter pass. Allen himself can treat many criticisms of him correctly. Allen also stated through his studio: “Everyone in the competition area is closed here, and it is very hard. We thank them for their dedication and labor.” “Those criticisms against me are also a spur to me. Fans who really like me, please don’t argue with others because I am accused by others. Although the expressions are different, these will make me a better version of myself. .”

The CBA League is a big family. Clubs, teams, referees, sponsors, media, and fans are all members of this big family. Everyone should support each other, understand each other, work together, let the league eliminate all kinds of interference, and follow a healthy and upward trend. The direction continues to develop.

As an official of the club, we believe that the video on the Guangzhou Competition Channel is an unintentional mistake. We also appreciate the generosity of Alan and his family. Both the club and Allen and his family hope that the club, team and players can stay away from the whirlpool of public opinion and devote all their energy to the related work of the league.

We also hope that the real Liao basketball fans will join us and use more energy to pay attention to the performance of the team on the court, instead of wasting energy in those boring off-court hype. This is what you are most to the Liao basketball soldiers. Good support and help!

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