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James Rodriguez you are already starting to measure how your time has been Everton. The Colombian has played 17 games for the English club and has scored four goals. In a talk with Telemundo Deportes, James spoke about the club, his goals and his childhood, just before facing the Manchester United in the Premier League.

Have you always dreamed of playing in Europe? Since I can remember I always wanted to play in these parts, I wanted to play in the big teams, thank God I was able to play in two big teams, in two Top-5 teams. Many dreams have come true on my part but I always want to fulfill more.

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The adaptation to Everton. I came to a good club, a club that wants to win things too, with a coach who knows how I am, with whom I have been working for years as well. As for what the city is, since they don’t let out I don’t know what it is like, I’m always at home with my loved ones, with the people I have next to me. As for football, it is a more physical football, more tactical in everything, there is always friction, fouls. Everything is more experiences that you always take and I am happy to add one more experience.

How much influence Ancelotti to go to Everton? When I thought of coming, I thought of him. He is a coach I have known for many years, a coach who knows how to fall on his player, on the people he always has with him. I have a relationship with him as a father and son.

Are Everton close to the level of Real Madrid and Bayern? First, you have to go to the Champions League, fight above. In the last two games we have not been well, but in this Premier League each game is a final, each game is a war. That is why we are here, there you have a bad game and in three days win 3-0 and you have a good game. You have to be well and mentally strong for everything that comes.

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The balance of his time at Everton. More or less. I think there is more to go. I could be at a better level. I was away for a month and that influences a lot, but when I have done things well the team was good and that is what I want, for this team to play good football and have a high level.

Everton’s goal. From what I have seen, the club wants to enter the Champions League. It is clear that it will be tough, there are many teams fighting for those positions. We all have to be on the same page to get there.

Relationship with Yerry Mina. It’s an excellent relationship, I talk to him a lot, I advise many things, the most important thing, he’s a boy who wants to learn things, he’s very curious, how do I do, how do you do this, and for you as a player it’s good, I am also So, I want to learn things, I am curious about what I do, not only in the field but outside, how you recover, how you eat, how you sleep. He wants to learn new things and we are here to help each other.

Do you teach Yerry steps? He dances better than me, he dances more than me.

Favorite food. The paisa tray has no discussion. Paisa tray, always! Never before playing a game, a day or two before, but never on the same day.

Was a lot demanding as a child? He always wanted to win, do good things, do more than everyone else. He knew he had the talent and the conditions to play, the one who did everything the most, the one who scored the most goals, passes.

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How much influence did your father play soccer? My father played soccer too, I had uncles who also played, that goes in the blood. I think it was a lot of things too. I think you were born with that to play soccer, apart from the fact that over the years you work on things that you polish, things that you fail and things that you wear badly. It was over the years and with everything that happened that I wanted to play soccer.

What brand of Colombian coffee do you prefer. I’m not from a brand, but anyone.

Have you already played at Old Trafford? Never. First time. With Real Madrid we did not cross in the Champions League and with Bayern I think not. Its the first time. It is always nice to play in various historical situations, you have to be clear that Manchester United is in a good moment, but you have to go fight, do things well and compete in a good way.




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