Jake Paul rampages Floyd Mayweather and Robinson in an epic tirade!

Jake Paul, executioner of Nate Robinson in a ring November last, is now busy trash-talker … Floyd Mayweather! For that, he does not hesitate to humiliate the former NBA leader even more. The statement is wild, we will not lie to each other …

Last November, Nate Robinson became the laughing stock of social networks after a violent knockout in just two rounds against Jake Paul. Since that day, the former youtuber has been boasting everywhere and infuriating even the most senior, to the point of get trash-talk by the UFC big boss in person.

Another striking thing in connection with the famous fight? Even Floyd Mayweather reacted to the knockout and tackled in the wake of JR Smith, a little too mocking at Nate Robinson. More recently, the boxing legend also called Jake Paul a “fake boxer” and “groupie”, which did not fail to make him react. In return, he posted a wild video against Mayweather, not forgetting to add a layer on Robinson…

Dear Mr. Mayweather, who manages your Instagram account? You better pay him. Do us a favor, stay away from social media. Instead, you should learn to read, focus on retirement, or maybe an encyclopedia. You ask to face me, but you’re half my size.

You can beat my brother, but Jake Paul is a different guy. Fuck your proposal, I don’t do exhibitions. We can fight on my terms, it’s 50/50 on commissions.

Oh, and no one has forgotten, you tried to train Nate Robinson to beat me. I left him unconscious on the mat, let’s hope you’re not that easy to beat. A quick NBA knockout, he’ll never box again.

By the way, speaking of the NBA my friend, who knocked your daughter up already?

Beyond the humiliation of Nate Robinson, which Jake Paul recalls very neatly in this tirade, the last punchline is also very violent. Floyd’s daughter Iyanna Mayweather gave birth a few months ago to a boy whose father is none other than rapper YoungBoy NBA. For the artist, it was already the 7th child at only… 21 years old. According to several rumors, the relations between Floyd Mayweather and YoungBoy NBA are therefore not in good shape.

By now, the missiles have certainly arrived at the right destination, in other words to the ears of Nate Robinson and Floyd Mayweather. We are now awaiting the continuation of this magnificent drama.


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