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Linde Schwarz has been the host and contact person for many clubs and groups in Mühldorf for decades.

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Mühldorf. – Linde Schwarz was an institution in Mühldorf.

For over 56 years she was the landlady in her own restaurant on Wertachstrasse, always looking after her guests. And they came in large numbers, individually or as families, in groups or with their clubs. Because the Wirtshaus Schwarz was an important social meeting place.

Her life as a landlady was laid in her cradle. She was born in the Gasthaus Starkheim, the Mühldorf excursion restaurant. She spent her childhood with her parents in Starkheim until after the Second World War.

After the war, her father took over an agricultural property in Annabrunn. After her school days, some of which she spent in the monastery in Au am Inn, she worked as a saleswoman in a butcher’s shop in Waldkraiburg.

She had been behind the counter since 1964

At the end of the 1950s, she met and fell in love with Willi Schwarz from Mühldorf. The parents of her future husband ran the Altöttinger Tor restaurant in Mühldorf on a lease basis. In 1956 they decided to build their own inn on Wertachstrasse in Mühldorf. In 1964, Linde and Willi Schwarz took over the Spaten-Stuben Schwarz under their own management.

Daughter Karin and sons Michael and Helmut made the family complete. In addition to the inn, she always took loving care of her family. She was very proud of her two grandchildren Lena and Andreas, whom she loved with all her heart.

With its excellent Bavarian cuisine, Linde Schwarz ensured that the inn soon got a name for its lunch menu, and the lunch subscription offer was very well received by many. The pub was accordingly well attended on weekdays and at the weekend. The Spaten-Stuben were also home to many regulars’ tables, rounds of sheep and mudflats. Before the establishment of the sports restaurant, the table tennis players and judo fighters of TSV Mühldorf also came to the Spaten-Stuben as regulars. The former chairman of the board of the Mühldorfer Sparkasse, Ludwig Bronold, met there with his friends for a sheep’s head and a snack, which was part of the card evening like the spade beer. The Annabrunn Hunting Association was also a regular guest.

For decades she was the hostel mother of the Mühldorf Kolping family. The Kolping members met every Monday in the Spaten parlor. For many years the amateur gymnasts and sauna fans of TSV 1860 Mühldorf came to their linden tree for a snack after sport and sauna sessions.

In addition to all of the work in the restaurant, Linde Schwarz also took on deliveries to the ODU canteen in Mühldorf. For many years she provided lunch there.

The Mühldorf woman ran her inn on her own until her unexpected death. Daily contact with her regular guests was particularly important to her. The restrictions caused by the corona pandemic put a lot of strain on them.

Your trademark: reliability

She belonged to the association for clear discussion and represented her points of view with the necessary strength, but also with the suppleness that made living together in an inn possible. She was curious and open-minded, but attached great importance to personal contacts and conversations. Promises from her were set in stone. Linde Schwarz was always 100 percent reliable.

The city of Mühldorf is losing a landlady who has become part of society in this city during her long professional career.

The Gasthaus Schwarz is one of the traditional inns in Mühldorf. Now his landlady has died at the age of 82.

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