Cristian Montecinos recalled Aguinaga’s anger against Manchester United

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Mexico City / 02.02.2021 20:25:38

21 years after the celebration of the first Club World Cup, Cristian Montecinos, former player of Necaxa, is surprised by how the competition has evolved, in addition to remembering some of the passages they experienced.

The Chilean, who was the revelation of the Rayos in said competition, remembered his great participation and especially the goal that scored Manchester United free kick, which made his team dream, but that left Alex Aguinaga very upset.

“I scored two goals and missed a penalty. If I scored three goals, I would have been the tournament scorer, but I was among the 11 best in the championship. I had an excellent participation and it was a great start in Necaxa, where we achieve many things. There I did things well, “he recalled to the program Ball Stop Chilean.

“In the free kick I did to Manchester United, we were with Alex Aguinaga placeholder image trying to see who was hitting him, I always thought he was going to hit him, but I was ahead of the game and later he got mad at me because I was more alive and I achieved that goal, “he added.

In addition to scoring in the 1-1 draw against the Red Devils, Montecinos also scored against South Melbourne, in a tournament that did not look solid at the time and in which Necaxa would finish third.

“We thought it was an invention, but time showed us that it was not so. I feel that the championship has become strong, a lot of people watch it and I had the chance and the fortune to be able to participate “.




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