CBA falls the fastest basketball province?Once risked stepping on Guangdong to establish a dynasty, now the two teams are the bottom

Original title: CBA fell the fastest basketball province?Once risked stepping on Guangdong to establish a dynasty, now both teams are in the bottom

The CBA regular season continues, but compared to the league’s top 15 rankings, the ranking of the lower teams in the league has not changed much, especially in the rankings of the bottom teams. At present, the Jiangsu team and the Tongxi team both occupy the bottom three rankings. For Jiangsu basketball, this is also the darkest moment.

Currently, Tongxi team is ranked third from the bottom in the league with 7 wins and 30 losses, and Jiangsu team is ranked second from the bottom with the same record. Under the leadership of head coach Li Nan, the Jiangsu team has not improved its record this season, but has continued to decline in rankings and further reduced its competitiveness. Especially after losing to the Tongxi team before, they can now only rank second from the bottom with the same record as the Tongxi team. Compared to the first-bottom Tianjin team (7 wins and 31 losses), their record is not better. Where to go. After that, the Jiangsu team may even become the new bottom one. After all, they just lost to the bottom one Fujian team last game, which led to a further decline in the ranking.

The Tongxi team entered the CBA from the 2014-15 season. That season, they ranked fourth from the bottom. Although their performance was poor, they were better than they are now. In the same season, the Jiangsu team’s performance was not very good, but at least it was ranked 14th, not as bad as it is now. In the 2015-16 season, Jiangsu team ranked 11th and Tongxi team ranked 16. In 2016-17 season, Jiangsu team ranked 10th and Tongxi team ranked third from the bottom.

In the 2017-18 season, Jiangsu team returned to the playoffs and finished fourth in the regular season, and Tongxi ranked 15th. In the 2018-19 season, Jiangsu ranked 9th and continued to enter the playoffs, and Tongxi ranked last. 2nd. Last season, Jiangsu team ranked 15th and Tongxi team ranked 14th.

It is not difficult to see that since the Tongxi team entered the CBA, the performance of the two Jiangsu teams has never been as sluggish as it is now. But now, Jiangsu basketball has ushered in the darkest moment, the performance of the two teams is not as good as one.

For the once extremely powerful Jiangsu basketball, this is undoubtedly sad and embarrassing. In the past, the Jiangsu team used to be a powerful CBA team. “Chinese Jordan” Hu Weidong, Hu Xuefeng, Tang Zhengdong, Yi Li, Meng Da, Zhang Cheng, etc., randomly came up with a local leader or even a superstar, because For these golden players, the Jiangsu team was once a super strong team in the CBA, a super strong team that can compete with the Guangdong team. In the 2004-05 season, the Jiangsu team led by 16 points in the final quarter of the fifth game of the finals, but they were unexpectedly reversed by the Guangdong team and missed the first championship. And if they win this championship, the Jiangsu team can build their own dynasty. Later, the Guangdong team’s meritorious Wang Shipeng said in an interview that “if Jiangsu had won at that time, then they were likely to build a dynasty, because they had a lot of people at the time.”

History is like this. If you miss an opportunity, you may miss all your luck. Since then, Jiangsu basketball has been in a slump. Although it was able to make the playoffs all year round, the Jiangsu team has not been able to stand up and take the lead after this blow. Now, Jiangsu basketball is even more desperate, which also makes people feel sorry for Jiangsu basketball. After all, they were really so strong back then, they just missed a crucial opportunity.Return to Sohu to see more


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