Catcher CeeDee Lamb spoke to the media, including the situation

Despite all the bad things that the 2020 Cowboys season could represent, one of the great positive aspects of it was the arrival of CeeDee Lamb to the organization. Last year’s 17th pick proved his worth on the field, alongside excellent numbers in his first year.

In total, he finished with 74 receptions, 935 yards and five touchdowns. Not bad for a rookie who didn’t even have a full training camp, much less a preseason. Now, the receiver who will enter his second year in 2021 spoke to various media about several interesting topics. Of course, including Dak Prescott’s situation and his experience as an NFL player.

“Dak is doing great, I keep in touch with him,” Lamb said. “It’s good to see him walking again, obviously seeing what happened was very hard. But God gives the greatest challenges to His strongest soldiers, so Dak will use this as a boost for the next year. And regarding the future, I aspire to see it with us, for a long time. “

Speaking of the future, Lamb was very blunt with the poor performance of 2020. “With the 6-10 record, I feel like we fell short. We had a lot of excitement and the way it unfolded was not what was expected. It is not something you want to see but it is part of it. The game in the NFL is tough and a lot of guys want to be great and stay healthy, but that’s obviously not the case. And we as a team had a large share of injuries. What we need is better preparation and stay healthy. “

One of the things that has caught the attention of CeeDee Lamb is that he has had different quarterbacks during his career. Especially during his college days, where he played for Baker Mayfield, Kyler Murray and Jalen Hurts. In his short career with the Cowboys, he had to deal with the same thing after Prescott’s injury in Week 5 that left him out for the rest of the year.

“It is not ideal, but I am not against it,” said the receiver. “It definitely helped me on my way as a rookie catcher. Not having the quarterback was a burden for me, but having Dak really worked, plus it helped me understand the game. It made it so much easier for me. “

“I think it would be a little easier not to have to be starting over every year with a quarterback,” CeeDee commented. “But I have had to readjust myself, or readjust my QB practically every year. Having a consistent quarterback would be a great help to the receiver. I also think it’s my job to make the QB comfortable and give him a reliable option. I want to do that for Dak, give him that security and I can’t wait until he comes back, is healthy and we do things right. “

One of the details in which he spoke for the program “First things first” had to do with the performance in his first year as a professional. If in any case, he became overwhelmed by the pressure of playing in the NFL.

“Yes, it was an overwhelming situation. Especially in the beginning, not having a training camp or a normal offseason like anyone else, but if you want to play in the NFL, learning is the number one priority, ”Lamb said. “I’m glad the Cowboys trusted me and my abilities. I look forward to being better next year ”.

“I really believe in that, since he did it in Green Bay with Aaron Rodgers and his great team,” Lamb said regarding whether they have a chance to go to the Super Bowl with Mike McCarthy. “He could certainly do that for us, and even though his first year may not have been the way he wanted it, it is a new beginning for everyone. Coach McCarthy received a lot of criticism because he is the man in charge, but he is going to take the blame and we are going to move on. When better times come, the criticism will end and it could be glorious. I can’t wait until the next campaign to rewrite this story. “

With these statements from Lamb, it is clear that both he and the locker room are waiting for Dak. And with his first year in the NFL, it is expected that CeeDee can improve his numbers even more in his second year as a professional. In fact, he has all the skills and maturity to be able to pull it off.



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