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Two months have passed since Diego Maradona died and the case is still under investigation. In the last hours, new details were known that question Leopoldo Luque, the doctor who was in charge of the fluff during the last years.

The middle Infobae revealed the shocking audios in which Luque, who is being investigated by the Argentine justice for alleged wrongful death, talks with Agustina Cosachov, Pelusa’s psychiatrist, and other friends, during the unsuccessful resuscitation that Diego’s paramedics did to save his life .

The conversation that the neurosurgeon had with Cosachov and the others involved, shows the self-confidence with which the doctor refers to what was happening at the time, since the revealed communication recounts the minute by minute of the death of the Argentine idol .

Don’t worry, I’m on the highway now. I’ll get there … Looks like he’s dead. Post he’s dead… Barrio San Andrés, you have to go to the one we always go to, Santa María de Tigre. And you have to follow that street, continue down that street until you find Italia street. It is over Italy. Now I will give you the location later, “the doctor told one of his friends.

Then, in another conversation with one of his acquaintances, the neurosurgeon recounted the situation step by step and, in strong words, referred to what was happening: “Yes jerk, it seems he did a cardiorespiratory arrest. The fat man is going to shit dying. No idea what he did. I’m already going there, jerk“.

Luque spoke with Dr. Cosachov, who at that time was in the home of the Argentine star and, in the midst of the commotion, told the neurosurgeon what was happening with Diego.

We did it manually, now they are with the team, they are resuscitating him with a line and intubating him. But we were like ten, fifteen minutes doing ourselves because the ambulance did not arrive“, said.

The conversation continued:

Luque: “I understand, I understand that this is resuscitation. But what I’m going to is, are they now, are they still reviving him? Or are they already intubating him, do they give him a pathway? Say, did you regain your pulse or did you not regain your pulse? That’s what I want to know, if the heart is activated. Say, if you’ve been on CPR for half an hour, you’re basically dead. That is what i want to know”.

Cosachov: “No, we entered the room and it was cold. Cold, with all the circulation marked. We started resuscitating him and he got his tone back a little bit and, let’s say, got his body temperature back a bit. All that, more or less, was ten minutes. That we were doing manual CPR, let’s say. Between the nurse, the Negro and me, and Monona. And then the ambulance arrived. Now they are proceeding. They don’t tell us. They don’t tell us how the situation is. I went out. They don’t tell me anything. “

Luque: “Okay, okay. Okay. And the last thing I ask you … I’m on my way, I’ll be there in forty minutes. Did you feel his pulse at some point or did he have no pulse at all? I mean did he get his pulse back. I know, I guess that’s why they revived him, but he did get his pulse back. Did you at some point feel that he had a pulse again or not?

Cosachov responded to the message in writing, assuring that Maradona ‘appeared dead.

The conversation revealed by the media is already held by justice, and is part of the process that is being carried out against the doctor Luque and the psychiatrist Cosachov, for alleged wrongful death.



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