World Hockey Championship U20 | The coach ordered more aggression, toughness and the Czechs crossed Austria at the World Cup

Jason Franson, ČTK / AP

The Czech team scored the first goal in the 27th minute, until then the nervous system worked slightly. “It was a bit of a relief, we knew we were better at attacking, it was only a matter of time before the goals came. From the first goal they opened it a bit and gradually it fell there, “said defender Šimon Kubíček after the match.

His words were also confirmed by coach Karel Mlejnek. “It was a difficult match mentally, we forced the players into more aggression, toughness and more pressure in the pre-goal area.”

Finally, a clear matter. The Czechs did not give a chance at the Austrian World Championships and will play in the quarterfinals

The Czech team scored 61 shots, the Austrians only 15, which is always an unpleasant situation for a goalkeeper who is not in a constant match pace. “These matches are always hard to stay focused, to focus on the game. They had counterattacks there, but as we scored, it calmed down. I kept my head in the match, so good, “commented goalkeeper Nick Malík on the match.

The basic group is a thing of the past, two wins, two defeats, with this history the Czechs will go to the quarterfinals. But this is exceptional, there is no room for repair. “We can play with everyone, we just have to play our game. We have to prepare well and we can handle it, “Malík believes in success, who did not solve a potential opponent.” Quality is on both sides, it will depend on us. There is nothing else there, it doesn’t matter if it is Canada or Finland. “

The head coach has to prepare a strategy, what will it be? “The tournament is evolving, we need to improve what will apply to our opponents in the quarterfinals,” Mlejnek said of Saturday’s duel, adding. in the quarterfinals. “



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