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World Hockey Championship U20 | Czechia – Austria 7: 0, Finally a clear matter. The Czechs did not give a chance at the Austrian World Championships and will play in the quarterfinals

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Jason Franson, ČTK / AP

Movement, a lot of shots and stops in front of the goalkeeper. Such was the recipe for Austria. The Czech juniors tried to show everything in the first twenty minutes, in addition, the Austrians made mistakes, yet the main thing was missing – goals. Goalkeeper Wraneschitz did not give Czech players joy.

Five minutes before the end of the first period, the Czech team got a power play. The Austrian goalkeeper did not score a single intervention, on the contrary, the opponent got into a chance in the escape. The national team had the upper hand optically, winning the opening third 15: 6 on shots, but the outsider still held hope for a decent result.

The Russian hockey players scored another win, only the Czechs got them on the shoulders in the group

The second third brought even more movement and a higher pace, chances were on both sides. Šimon Kubíček broke the shooting misfortune during the twenty-third shot. In the 27th minute, he scored the first goal when the puck bounced and jumped over the left concrete of the Austrian goalkeeper.

This goal was taken away by the stress of the Czech substitution, the second goal came after a lot of pressure and shelling of the Austrian shrine. In the 33rd minute, Martin Lang hit the almost empty goal, because the Austrian goalkeeper could not catch, after a scrum he did not manage to return. Nevertheless, the judges consulted the video about the second goal success.

From now on, the question was how many goals will be scored in order for the Czech players to boost their confidence before the quarterfinals. In the 39th minute Lang fired from the blue and increased 3: 0. In 76 seconds Filip Přikryl adjusted to 4: 0. The Czechs won the second act on 23: 2 shots.

The goal lead gave the Czech team peace of mind. At the beginning of the third period, Pavel Novák increased to 5: 0 when he found a gap at the bar from the circle. David Jiříček scored from the blue line in the 57th minute, and Jan Myšák added the seventh goal in the last minute. The Czech juniors won 7-0 and a key duel at the world championship awaits them.

Under-20 Ice Hockey World Championships in Edmonton:
Group B:
Czechia – Austria 7: 0 (0: 0, 4: 0, 3: 0)
Goals and recordings: 27. Kubíček (D. Vitouch, P. Novák), 33. M. Lang (Haš, Svozil), 39. M. Lang (Myšák, Kubíček), 40. F. Přikryl (Mužík, M. Beránek), 42. P. Novák (A. Raška, Jiříček), 57. Jiříček (D. Vitouch, P. Novák), 60. Myšák (M. Lang, Teplý). Judges: Garon, Kowalski – Foster, McGowan (all Can.). Exclusion: 0: 1. No use. No spectators.
Czechia: Malík – Kubíček, Kučeřík, Haš, Svozil, Jiříček, Klikorka, Suhrada – M. Lang, Myšák, Teplý – P. Novák, D. Vitouch, A. Raška – M. Beránek, F. Přikryl, Mužík – Rychlovský, A. Najman, Koffer. Coach: Karel Mlejnek.
Austria: Wraneschitz – Necesany, Lindner, Wimmer, Pfeffer, Pallierer, Posch, Kutzer – Peeters, Rossi, Kasper – Hochegger, Harnisch, Thaler – Tschofen, Wallner, Böhm – Krainz, Pauschenwein, Van Ee – Unterweger. Trenér: Roger Bader.
DYou can find other results of Thursday’s matches at the World Cup HERE.
Program of the playoffs of the Under-20 Ice Hockey Championships in Edmonton:
Saturday, January 2:
18:00, quarterfinal: Russia – Germany,
21:30, quarterfinal: Finland – Sweden.
Sunday, January 3:
01:00, quarterfinal: Canada – Czechia,
04:30, quarterfinal: USA – Slovakia.
Tuesday, January 5:
00:00, semifinal,
03:30, semifinal,
23:30, for 3rd place.
Wednesday, January 6:
03:30, final.


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