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“We had to endure this bullshit”

by archysport

The NBA is taking all precautions in the midst of a pandemic and pushing players to do the same. That’s why last week she decided to bring in several Rockets players, including John Wall, Eric Gordon and DeMarcus Cousins in quarantine for a week since they had been in contact with Kenyon Martin Jr., tested positive. They had been in contact at Wall during a hairdressing session at home.

Obviously it was not easy to see the start of the season from home, helpless. When you ask them how they experienced it, their answer is quite clear …

“I was angry, I was hot. I’m not going to tell about salads. I was furious. I was hot. ” Wall

DeMarcus Cousins ​​did him in sarcasm.

“Oh, I was excited. I loved it. I was happy to stay at home. No man, you’ve all seen my tweet. ” DMC

This tweet in fact leaves little doubt:

What was frustrating for them was that they tested negative, despite that, given the incubation period, the NBA did not want to take any risks.

“I did not do anything wrong. All I did was get my hair cut at my apartment. And one of my teammates tested positive and my 4 or 5 tests were all negative. I preferred to have my hair done at home rather than going to a hairdresser where there are people passing by. Even the hairdresser tested negative. That’s what was frustrating. ” John wall

They finally returned to training yesterday, eager to take their official first steps with the Rockets tonight against the Kings. It’s not easy to get back into the rhythm after a one-week break.

“In general, it’s complicated to do nothing for 7 days, without activity. It is difficult for anyone, but especially for a professional athlete. Go from doing nothing to full speed training or a game. On that side, there is nothing positive. We had to endure this bullshit, we have to try to draw the positive from it, if possible. ” DMC

Wall just ran up the stairs and rode his stationary bike, and he came back more determined than ever.


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