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Very tough accusations of ‘tanking’ against Novak Djokovic

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The Russian former tennis player Mikhail Youzhny shoots with bullet against Novak Djokovic. Youzhny has given a juicy interview to the portal Championat in which he reviews the current world of tennis. Youzhny, who coaches Denis Shapovalov, puts Rafa Nadal through the roof and criticizes Djokovic’s lack of ambition in the final stretch of the season.

Youzhny does not overlook the incredible change in Djokovic’s tennis performance since the hiatus due to the happy coronavirus. The Russian speaks of sloppiness in the Serbian and even accuses him of tanking or let yourself be won. “What happened at the US Open, happened. But if you look at his psychological state despite winning the title in Rome and all that it cost him … Or the same final at Roland Garros. He did not have the same emotional state after the break. Djokovic wanted to finish the year as number one and he already secured it in Vienna. But when he achieved this, you could say that he played those two games to the teeth, like he played against Sonego. He just didn’t play that game. He let himself win. “

Youzhny insists on the tremendous change that the Serbian gave and puts the incident at the US Open as a starting point where Novak was sent off after hitting a chair umpire: “Djokovic hasn’t stopped playing since the beginning of the year. He didn’t lose a game before the US Open but then he had his incident in the first set and how he reacted to it. What Does this show us? That his nervous system was not prepared to change like this. The best player in the world had a slip at the US Open. Yes, he can say whenever he wants that it was an accident and that the ball might not have hit him. But rare I’ve ever seen Djokovic throw balls into the stands whatever the situation. Rarely have I seen Djokovic yell at the linesman like he did in Rome. And no one has seen Novak like he did in the Roland Garros final, neither has he same”.

Puts Nadal through the roof

Youzhny raved about Rafael Nadal. His tremendous effort, his ambition and his success in planning the season. “I think Nadal did make the most of himself. He felt that it would be detrimental for him to go to the United States and it was not. That sets Nadal apart from the others. He would think ‘Yes, I have not played in almost six months but I want to play well at Roland Garros. So I’ll miss the Cincinnati Masters 1,000 and the US Open. ‘He got it right from the inside, how things happen and why he made that decision. And it turns out he did the right thing.


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