Tom Brady revolutionizes the nursing home

When at the end of last season it became known that Tom Brady A free agent for the first time in his long 20-year career as a professional, the market seismograph shook far less than expected. He was the greatest quarterback of all time with his six champion rings in nine Super Bowls, but he raised reasonable and enormous doubts. Who was going to spend a fortune on a 43-year-old player who had spent his entire career under the tutelage of a single coach (Bill Belichick) and wearing only the colors of New England Patriots?

It seems even poetic that the only franchise that decidedly bet on him were the Buccaners why Tampa Bay, in Florida, is a pensioner’s paradise, the largest city with the most retirees in the US with about 20% of the population over 65 years of age. And what decided the Bucs was desperation. They had five years with a No. 1 draft, Jameis Winston, starting quarterback on a slide of grief and hadn’t made the playoff since 2008, an 11-year drought, so they needed a caliber shock to shake the foundations of a losing dynamic.

The family Glazer, owner of the equipment and Manchester United English, gave his acquiescence to the operation, considering Tom’s arrival as a turning point that would mark the future of the franchise for years to come. Perhaps they were right – and more so seeing how things have developed this season – but it was an operation with a very short expiration date: either immediate results came or we would have to look for other options because, let’s be disappointed, although it could be the first cousin of Dorian Gray, Brady will retire sooner rather than later.

Tom had left New England because, in full transformation, it did not offer him sports guarantees to fight for ambitious goals immediately. Tampa, on the other hand, did have an attractive attack and receivers of travel and talent (Mike Evans and Chris Godwin) to catch his passes, and also put himself in his hands to give him whatever he asked for. He signed a $ 50 million contract for two seasons, adjusted to the standard for his category and age. And this risky short-term strategy led the Buccaneers to not notice additional efforts to support their bet because the fuse of the experiment was extremely short.

Brady didn’t arrive naked; a little later he would add two of his fetish receivers to his cause, whom he brought out of retirement and provided new contracts and second chances: the colossal Rob Gronkowski and the controversial Antonio Brown, whom he sheltered at home to keep him under control and prevent him from repeating past mistakes. He also asked for additional protection on the field and the Bucs, solicitous, selected in the 1st round of draft Tristan Wirfs, a mountain of 145 kgs. you have strengthened your line of attack.

In return, Tom brought with him to Florida the scrupulous professionalism that always characterized his career in the Patriots: British punctuality, obsessive perfectionism and sparing no effort or hours of work in polishing physique, technique, rapport with teammates and learning the new by heart. ‘playbook’ that the technician Bruce Arians he put it between his hands. To dedicate himself fully to it, he did not waste time looking for a new home but rented the mansion of Derek Jeter, former legend of the New York Yankees of baseball and today CEO and co-owner of the Miami Marlins, in Davis Islands, popularly known as’ St. Jetersburg ‘for its opulence.

He also brought a genuine ‘Brady touch’ when it comes to humane treatment, which during his career has earned him the respect and admiration of everyone who has worked with him. During his first day in the new franchise, he asked only two things: that they introduce him to everyone who worked in the Bucs facilities, from the coordinators to the utilleros, through the receptionists, and that they provide him with a list of the telephone numbers of all his new colleagues, whom he called one by one to make themselves available to him. And remember that professional football squads consist of 53 players.

The ‘Brady effect’ has penetrated even deeper than the most optimistic omens. ‘Regular season’ with 11 wins by 5 losses, first playoff appearance in 11 years and qualified for the final of the National Conference, which the Buccaneers will play on Sunday in Green Bay, one step from the Super Bowl. And though Lambeau Field It is a very high wall, if Brady is in the way, anything is possible.

By the way, this year’s grand final will be held on February 7 precisely in the Raymond James Stadium from Tampa, and no one in 54 editions has ever been proclaimed champion in their own home … yet.



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