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It is interesting to be the best darts thrower in Latvia, because you have to face different people’s opinions about this sport, which are different from others, but that does not mean that you do not have to work hard to achieve good results, Latvian darts thrower Madars told Latvijas Radio. Razma. He started in the world championship in December, where he reached the second round.

The past year has changed the daily lives of many people, including athletes. Razma, who participates in Professional Dart Organization (PDC) tournaments and has become a six-time Latvian champion in individual competitions, said that nothing has changed for him on the big trains, only the rhythm. Previously it was stable, but last time he flew to the competition on Sunday or Monday, then played for five or six days and then the month was free. The athlete emphasized that since mid-October there has been nowhere in society – only isolation and a tournament.

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There are opinions that throwing is not a sport, that it is nothing serious, just spending free time and having fun with friends or family.

Madars admits that he is not an active commentator, but has heard various things. Lithuanian darts thrower Darjus Labanauskas has said that he still laughs at his homeland about throwing darts as a sport, but Madars does not experience such an attitude.

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“We don’t have time to think about it all,” he explained.

Five years ago, rarely anyone knew the right rules for throwing darts, but now there is a much different attitude,

people are starting to take an interest in this sport. “Both the Latvian Darts Federation and we are all winners,” said Razma.

The Latvian athlete admits that he would hardly want to go through what he has experienced for the second time, because he has also experienced crazy things. “Everyone already thinks that they are playing for two years and it is a result, it is really a job and an investment,” said Madars.

Now the organization has changed, at the amateur and semi-professional level there is a change in darts,

however, the Latvian athlete hopes for the good, not the bad.

Most athletes are proud and honorably represent their country. Madar is no exception because he is a patriot. The athlete is proud to be a cheerleader, although he has lived in Riga, Liepaja and Brocēni. “In fact, the fact that I am Latvian has helped me a lot, because the same media are not interested in how another Englishman or Dutchman plays, they are interested in Spaniards, Poles, those who are not from the big top countries,” Madars explained.

Many players are also interested in the Latvian language. There are Irish dart players who speak Latvian very well, because they have Latvian friends in Ireland. “It’s interesting that when you go to the restaurant for breakfast, an Irishman comes and says – good morning. It immediately gives a positive day, ”Razma emphasized.

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