There is certainty only at the top

The new NBA season has been underway for a little more than three weeks and by now almost all teams have played at least ten games – so time for a classification! NBA department head Ole Frerks sorts all 30 teams according to their performances so far.

Power rankings are always difficult snapshots early in the season and this is especially true in the current situation. The coronavirus is increasingly interfering with the season, has already led to four game postponements and affected other games, such as Philly’s duel with the Nuggets, in which the Sixers had to make do with seven players.

Given the uncertainty of who will and who will not be available when, it is also more difficult to assess the quality of the teams. The balance sheets in the regular season will be worth a little less in the end, rather it seems to be about just somehow making it into the playoffs, because there the cards will be reshuffled anyway – especially without any real home advantage.

Statistics and balance sheets should therefore be viewed with a certain degree of caution even during the season. However, the ranking tries, as usual, to reflect the performance shown so far and, if possible, the strength of the teams in the coming weeks. However, it is to be expected that there will be somewhat stronger fluctuations from month to month than at normal times.

So then let’s go for it!

Platz 30: Detroit Pistons (2-8)

Net-Rating: -5,7 (Platz 28)

Nobody expected miracles from the Michigan team and that was justified. In his new role as top scorer, Jerami Grant doesn’t seem nearly as lost as feared and Josh Jackson is a positive surprise, but the rest of the team is toothless, especially rookie Killian Hayes had massive problems before his injury. The development of Blake Griffin into a pure perimeter player also remains remarkable, but after the long break, the former superstar is far from back in rhythm. So nothing is to be expected offensively.

Platz 29: Minnesota Timberwolves (3-7)

Net-Rating: -9,3 (Platz 30)

The Wolves cannot yet be definitively assessed, after all, their best player Karl-Anthony Towns was only available in three games (two of which were won). Otherwise, however, what Minnesota is doing is bad; one blowout followed the next and Towns’ problems with the wrist are still not over. A particularly creepy statistic: Minnesota is in the minutes with D’Angelo Russell 25.6 (!!!) points per 100 possession of the ball worse than without him! No.1 pick Anthony Edwards shows his potential from time to time.

Platz 28: Sacramento Kings (5-6)

Net-Rating: -6,6 (Platz 29)

Somehow you already know the story: The Kings start the season fairly promising, the mood is good, and then a negative run starts immediately – and a player, or in this case his father, requests a trade from his son via Twitter. For real! The Kings would probably even like to give up Marvin Bagley, but his current performance is not enough for good offers. The same also applies to Buddy Hield (only 35.8 percent threesome). The positive story, however, is Tyrese Haliburton – nba/2101/Artikel/rookie-watch-ein-draft-steal-toppt-sie-alle-ftr.html">the rookie guard is even better than advertised.

Platz 27: Toronto Raptors (2-8)

Net-Rating: -1,1 (Platz 19)

For the 2019 champions, there was almost nothing going on at the start. The new starting center Aron Baynes was stuck together with almost the entire bank in the form of a hole, the departures of Marc Gasol and Serge Ibaka weighed heavier than feared. The biggest problem, however, is Pascal Siakam, who had to be disciplined by the team and was looking for his offense until a few days ago (now the arrow is finally pointing up). No team is worse in the half-court at the moment. It is also frightening that the Defense, which was so feared last season, is currently only in 21st place.

Platz 26: Chicago Bulls (4-7)

Net-Rating: -5,4 (Platz 27)

Especially on the LA trip, the Bulls earned a certain amount of respect and showed that they are clearly better offensively than in the previous season. Zach LaVine in particular had an excellent start into the new season and even without a real point guard and with several COVID-related failures, it is currently enough for an average offense, which is clear progress compared to the previous season. The defense, however … Rookie Patrick Williams is really fun here, but with a backcourt from LaVine and Coby White you give the opponent points even before tip-off (29th place).



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