The renewal of Sergio Ramos is complicated

Sergio Ramos and Real Madrid seemed doomed to understand each other a few weeks ago, but Negotiations for the renewal of the white captain are at a standstill and nervousness begins to spread on both sides. The Sevillian is not satisfied with the club’s proposal, which involves maintaining a salary similar to the current one, of twelve million euros net, and not making an exception to that rule not written in the ‘white house’ that stipulates that the extensions of contract for those footballers who have exceeded the 30-year-old barrier are made from season to season. You feel that your contribution to the entity, after 16 seasons, 666 games, a hundred goals and 22 titles It deserves an effort by the board headed by Florentino Pérez, but it clings to the need to contain spending in times of crisis due to the pandemic and is not willing to give its arm to twist.

The situation, right now, is entrenched and the tension grows at times. To such an extent that, as revealed by ‘El Chiringuito’, the captain and the president of Real Madrid had a meeting before the match against Elche in which the central defender, after expressing his disagreement with the approach that Florentino Pérez had transferred to him, he told his boss that from that moment on I was willing to listen to offers.

Since January 1, Sergio Ramos is free to negotiate with any club. And, despite his 34 years, there are several who are attentive to a possible breakdown of the Sevillian with Real Madrid. The defender, according to ‘El Chiringuito’, would be wielding the baza of the PSG, whose representatives would have already contacted his environment to incorporate him into a project that Leo Messi could also be part of, another figure who, like the camero, ends his contract with Barça on June 30.

Another soap opera

Real Madrid is not willing to enter a bid with PSG. Consider that times demand austerity and he trusts that Sergio Ramos ends up assuming that policy. Not surprisingly, the captain’s good will was crucial for the 10% salary cut applied to the squad last season in order to alleviate the damage that the absence of public caused to the club’s finances. A measure that will continue this season. But he also understands that the player looks for the best for his future when his career reaches the final stretch. Meanwhile, slides your interest in possible spare parts like David Alaba, a versatile Bayern Munich defender who ends his contract with the Bavarian team and would reach zero cost although he would ask for a card similar to the one Sergio Ramos has, Pau Torres, Villarreal central who has accumulated seven games with the Spanish team at 23 years old.

Florentino Pérez and Sergio Ramos have a long joint history of truffled strips and loosens. The Andalusian was the first Spanish signing of the leader, back in 2005, and It is not the first time they tighten the rope for a renewal. In 2015, the footballer threatened to leave for Manchester United but ended up extending his contract with a substantial increase in his emoluments. And in the summer of 2019, he alluded to an alleged offer by Chinese football to request the release letter, but the club’s refusal forced him to back down through an unlikely press conference. Now they are doomed to a new soap opera.



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