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“The Lakers are going to have 3 All-Stars this year and here’s who! “

by archysport

Income even stronger on paper than the previous season, the Lakers are expected at the turn. If the results live up to expectations, they may well outshine the competition. One analyst even sees the team counting 3 of its players among the All-Star selections.

Whether it is 2020 or 2021, the Lakers will remain one of the main attractions of the NBA no matter what. With more and more stars in the starting lineup and on the bench, the champions have not finished putting on a show on the field.

The only regret is that they will not be able to offer it to the All-Star Game, it having been canceled for obvious reasons that we know. On the other hand, although there is no match, there will still be All-Stars. And Kendrick Perkins is convinced that the Lakers will not have 1, not 2, but 3 this season!

The Lakers could have 3 All-Stars this year: Bron [LeBron James], AD [Anthony Davis] and DS [Dennis Schröder] !!!

Barring another unprecedented disaster (and we have already had our dose), there is nothing that can prevent LeBron James to be elected a 17th time in 18 seasons. The same applies to Anthony Davis. As for Dennis Schröder, the debate arises.

The former leader of the Thunder arrived with the aim of always bringing more scoring and ensuring a playmaker role. So far, we cannot say that the German has disappointed in his first games. Will that be enough for him to claim an All-Star spot?

Difficult to achieve this when two superstars of the team already have almost their place reserved. Also, the point guard is not the easiest to stand out in the league, especially in the West between the Stephen Curry, Chris Paul or Damian Lillard.

Kendrick Perkins hits hard with this very daring prediction. There will still be time to dig up this tweet in a few months when the results come out.

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