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The history of bsquet giron ngel Brea dies at the age of 76

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Girona basketball is in mourning after the death yesterday of the historic Àngel Brea, at the age of 76. He left a life dedicated to this sport, in different fields, but especially as a coach and trainer of young people, either thanks to his links with La Salle, or also during his time as coach of the junior of Sant Josep, a club where also he had led the first team and had coordinated all the base categories coinciding with Valvi’s promotion to the ACB and conversion to SAE. One of his sons, Albert, was the base of the Girona team in the highest category between the 1992/93 and 1995/96 seasons and accumulated about eighty matches in the elite.

Angel Brea began his connection with basketball as a player, but his main job was as a coach and youth trainer. She coached CREFF in the Women’s First Division between the 1971/72 and 1974/75 seasons, achieving the best historical classification with a fourth place, tied with Celta, in the 1973/74 season. He had previously coached Domeny and later coached Farners and other teams in the province. In the late 70’s he led Sant Josep, where there were players like Carles Davesa, with a project on the rise. Later he also coached the club’s juniors and in the late eighties, at the time Valvi, had under his command players like Darnés, Ribas, Puig and Espinosa, who would end up making the leap to the ACB. With the conversion into the CB Girona SAE after the promotion, Àngel Brea would also end up acting as coordinator of all the base teams. He had, in this sense, a prominent role in the jump of men’s basketball in Girona to the highest category.

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Brea was also president of the College of Coaches and stood out for being a real player trainer in Girona, and also with a link to La Salle, where his children studied. The funeral will be held in family intimacy.


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