The Federal Basketball Tournament will begin on February 5 with Ferro and Capuchinos :: EL HERALDO

As argued by the CABB, this decision is for the teams to begin with the assembly, structure and proposal of the tournament. After meeting with all the participants, the points to advance in the registration were determined.

Points to consider for the 2021 season

* Pre-registration until January 8, 2021.

* Once the participating teams have been determined, the game form will be defined.

* Registration until January 20, 2021. Registration fee: 100 thousand pesos to be paid in two installments. The first at the time of final registration. Development League teams that join the tournament will pay 50 percent of the registration fee.

* Start of the season for Friday, February 5.

* The dispute of the parties with the public will be defined by the competent authority of the provincial and / or municipal government.

* The clubs that participate must have authorization and / or authorization from the provincial and / or municipal government to receive delegations from other provinces to play the matches. The authorization must include the commitment to health care in the event that a member of the visiting delegation needs it.

* The round of stadium inspections and preparation of an improvement agreement with each institution on infrastructure – security, toilets, changing rooms, sports floors and electrical installation – is postponed for next season.

* Player contracts will be unique and must be registered with the CABB.

* Endorsements signed by statutory authorities with current mandates must be submitted.

* Clubs must register in the GES Deportiva system.

* Template composition:

For the 2021 season:

-More Libes: 6.

-U23: 1.

-U21: 3.

-For the 2021/22 season:

-More Libes: 5.

-U23: 2.

-U21: 3.

-For the 2022/23 season:

-Free seniors: 4.

-U23: 2.

-U21: 4.

-For the 2023/24 season:

-Free seniors: 4.

-U21: 6.

Entrerrianos affected

If the quotas of the previous season were respected, Entre Ríos would have ten teams with the obligation to comply with these requirements to participate. These schools are: Olimpia (Paraná); Regattas (Concepción del Uruguay); Peñarol and Atlético (Rosario del Tala); Neptunia (Gualeguaychú); BH (Gualeguay); Ferro y Capuchinos (Concordia); The Union (Columbus); Social and Sports San José (San José). Source: CABB.




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