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The Chongqing Wansheng “Black Valley Cup” Badminton Challenge with a total prize of 1.02 million yuan ignited the flames of war. The tournament is currently the largest amateur badminton tournament in China with the highest prize money. The event attracted more than 3,000 people from more than 200 teams across the country to sign up to show off their skills. Chongqing Wansheng Economic Development Zone is a national resource-based city transformation pilot city, and it is also the “hometown of badminton.”As “China Badminton Association

Different from the previous amateur badminton tournaments, the Wansheng “Black Valley Cup” Badminton Challenge will adopt a weekly tournament and finals system. A total of 24 weekly tournaments and 1 finals will be held with live sports advertising technology. The tournament adopts a mixed team competition system for men and women, which creates opportunities for badminton enthusiasts and also reflects the professionalism of this mass event.

The Chongqing Wansheng “Black Valley Cup” Badminton Challenge with a total prize of 1.02 million yuan ignited the flames of war. The tournament is currently the largest amateur badminton tournament in China with the highest prize money. The event attracted more than 3,000 people from more than 200 teams across the country to sign up to show off their skills.

Chongqing Wansheng Economic Development Zone is a national resource-based city transformation pilot city, and it is also the “hometown of badminton.” As the “China Badminton Association Reserve Talent Training Base”, Wansheng now has 300 mass badminton courts and has successively trained and transported more than 30 well-known badminton coaches and athletes such as Zhong Bo, Zhang Yawen and Pi Hongyan.

It is understood that the “Black Valley Cup” Badminton Challenge has 5 events including men’s singles, women’s singles, men’s doubles, women’s doubles and mixed doubles. The competition adopts the latest “Badminton Competition Rules” approved by the International Badminton Federation. Each game adopts 3 rounds, 2 wins and 21 points. The group stage must play 5 sets, and the knockout rounds must first win 3 games to end the game.

The competition will last 7 months and the total prize money will be as high as 1.02 million yuan. Among them, the weekly champion can get a bonus of 10,000 yuan, and the annual championship can get a high bonus of 200,000 yuan. Participating players will also have the opportunity to compete on the same stage with national badminton players and world champions.

No one would have thought that O’Neal would become one of the bosses of the “mortal enemy” Kings.

The result was 4 hours, 8 minutes, 50 seconds and 50. They also won the men’s championship in this event with a total score of 11 hours, 24 minutes, 16 seconds and 70. The Toro Rosso team and the Air Caledonia team ranked second and third respectively. . In the mixed group, since the second match day, after overtaking the first favorite Red Bull team, Thule Expedition II firmly occupied the top position in the total score. On this match day, their advantage over the first team of Red Bull even reached In an astonishing 10 minutes, Thule Expedition II was crowned the mixed champion of this event with a time of 11 hours, 44 minutes, 45 seconds and 60 seconds. The Red Bull First Team and the Columbus Outdoor Team ranked second and third.

In recent years, in the transfer market, I’m incomprehensible, making the traditional giants Arsenal turn into a base camp for jokes. The jokes surrounding the “most already formed” and “70 million pounds” have become fans’ after-dinner fun, and even a lot of self-defeating Arsenal fans began to laugh at themselves for “pure cock silk.” But depression also has an end. With Özil’s strong entry on the closing day and Arsenal’s stunning performance in the previous rounds of the Premier League, the gun fans who are deeply disappointed and inferior finally ushered in the day of turning over.

With the arrival of the autumnal equinox solar terms, the cold air began to become more active, and the rate of temperature decrease was significantly accelerated. To prevent catching a cold, the public should strengthen self-care and pay attention to adding autumn clothes.

Beijing News (Reporter Zhao Yu) In order to “make way” for Guangzhou Evergrande’s AFC Champions League, the Football Association has officially decided to postpone the FA Cup semi-finals yesterday. Regardless of whether the Evergrande team can make it to the AFC Champions League final, the second round of the FA Cup final will be adjusted to December 7th. By then, winter has entered and the north has been frozen. The first round of the FA Cup semi-final match between Dalian Albin and Guizhou Renhe, Beijing Guoan and Guangzhou Evergrande was originally scheduled to be held on September 25, but the match coincided with the time of the first round of the Evergrande AFC semi-final, so the Football Association had no choice. No temporary adjustments to the schedule.

How dark is Chinese football? Most people think that they have “sores on the top of the head and pus on the soles of the feet.” But how dark is it? Those who know will not say, those who don’t know dare not think. Now Yang Ming stood up and said: “Even the players are doing (fixing), and there are people who dare to do the ball in the World Cup China group match. Since I knew how black Chinese football betting is, I swear, a Chinese league football I didn’t even look at it, I was particularly mocked, a feeling of being’raped’.”

The curling mixed doubles event is the first time it has entered the Winter Olympics, and it started on the 8th the day before the opening ceremony. Before the game, as the silver medalist at the 2016 World Championships and the bronze medalist at the 2017 World Championships, the Chinese team consisting of Ba Dexin and Wang Rui was expected to win the medal.

At 6 o’clock tonight, Chinese fans will usher in an exciting game. Guangzhou Evergrande will play away against Japan’s Kashiwa Helios in the first leg of the AFC semi-finals. Judging from the current situation, Evergrande is unanimously optimistic. If Evergrande can reach the finals, it will rewrite the history of Chinese football again and become the first Chinese Super League team to enter the AFC finals.

In fact, the Football Association Cup Organizing Committee also formulated two preparatory plans based on whether Evergrande could enter the semi-finals. Option 1: If Evergrande does not enter the AFC Champions League final, the Beijing Guoan vs. Guangzhou Evergrande game will be played on October 23, and the second round can only be played on November 23. (Note: During this period, the Chinese Super League will have the last three rounds. And the national team Asian Cup qualifiers, and the semi-final time between Dalian Albin and Guizhou Renhe will be adjusted accordingly).

It is reported that the Qingdao case was later resolved. After receiving the report, the local public security organ rushed to the scene to investigate, but did not obtain any substantive clues. In the hotel surveillance video obtained by the police later, the group also left only a vague back view. (Shanghai Friends)

Two years ago, Ding Junhui and Fu Jiajun met in the final at Wembley. The British media once wrote: “The British rule of snooker may be ended by the Chinese Legion, and snooker may become the second table tennis sports live advertising technology. “At that time, some people thought that the article was unfounded worry, but the strength of Ding Junhui, Fu Jiajun, Liang Wenbo, the rise of Xiao Guodong, and the prestige of the post-95 youngster represented by Lu Haotian (China’s post-95s won many World Youth Championships) seemed to herald. This day is coming soon.

Lang Ping said Chenzhou is a blessed place for the women’s volleyball team and he has the confidence to lead the team to play this game well. Lang Ping immediately led the team into training after arriving.

As the Chinese weightlifting team has received full tickets for the Rio Olympics, 4 women will participate and 6 men will participate. In the Olympic trials in April this year, the women’s 7 levels, 48 ​​kg, 53 kg, and 63 kg, achieved or exceeded the selection criteria; in the men’s 8 levels, the 56 kg Up to the 85 kg class, 6 of the 5 levels have achieved the selection criteria. It is worth mentioning that the men’s 69 kg class star Liao Hui and young player Shi Zhiyong both met the standard, but the 56 kg class star Wu Jingbiao failed the Olympic selection due to a clean and jerk.




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