Sportivo returns to the Interclubes de Minores

After almost 4 decades, Sportivo Pilar returned to compete in the Interclubes Junior Tennis Tournament. This was announced by coach Luis Aguirre, who was happy to put a neighborhood club back in a competition organized by the Argentine Tennis Association (AAT).

El Rojo will be presented with men’s teams in the Children’s and Youth categories. The former will compete in Level A (superior) with Segundo Sigmaringo and Lautaro Allende. They are both 11 years old and will play in the division Up to 12 years old. Also, they will compete in AAT tournaments.

While the Youth team, made up of the derquino Kevin Ramrez and Alejo Colman from Pilare (he is a Cadet first year) will add experience in Level B (intermediate) of the contest.

The objective is for the competition to return and the boys to start playing, Aguirre stressed in dialogue with El Diario.
The Youth will be the ones who take the field first. The boys from Red will visit Estudiantes de La Plata this Saturday at 9.30. While the Infantiles will do the same but on Sunday against Buenos Aires Lawn Tennis Club.

You just entered the tournament and they send you to the lions (laughs). But it is better to face the best and not believe it by beating a new team, Aguirre said about the opponents on duty.

We gave up the locala because we don’t have the club in good condition. In a short time we hope to have the field in conditions to be able to play at home, which is very important for the boys, the teacher said about the venue.

He also highlighted that for this tournament the matches could be played on two courts. That is, first the doubles and then the single. For Aguirre, it was a successful measure by the AAT leadership to give neighborhood clubs opportunities to add federated competition.

They are not thinking about high performance but about expanding the base of the triangle, which needs many players from below so that there are good players above, said the coach. It should be noted that the Nadia Podoroska Cup for women and the Diego Schwartzman Cup for men will be at stake in the Junior Interclubes.



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