Silvia Domínguez reaches the throne of the historical records of assists in Spanish basketball


Teresa Sánchez | @araguelle

Silvia Domínguez looking for a pass (Photo: Arai Santana)

The eight assists that she added against Quesos El Pastor elevate the captain of Perfumerías Avenida as the player who has ever given the most assists in national competitions, 1,560 so far.

Silvia Domínguez leaves her mark. As a captain, as on the track and, obviously, as a game dealer and that is something so evident that even the cold numbers take heat to confirm it.

After the last day of the Endesa Women’s League, the Perfumerías Avenida base has become the player who has ever given the most assists in national competitions and is that the eight that he added in the twenty minutes he played against Quesos El Pastor raise his number of basket passes to 1,560, five more than the one that so far dominated this ranking, Laia Palau.

Is one more chapter, in this case open, in the duel that both star as the two national players who provide the most points to their teammates and it is a facet of the game that both dominate perfectly and you just have to see it not only in domestic competitions but also in Europe where, for example, in the Euroleague they occupy the first (Laia) and fifth (Silvia) position of the active players who have distributed the most assists in the competition.

The 1,560 assists by Silvia Domínguez are distributed throughout his career in Spanish basketball in thirteen seasons and competitions such as Super Cup, Cup and League, with a total of 430 games, which represents an average of 3.6 basket passes per game.

This campaign has distributed in Regular League now has 77 in 20 games, allowing you to overcome that media until 3.86 per game Meanwhile in Super Cup distributed ten in total the two games played.

Laia Palau sum 1,555 in 16 seasons and a total of 503 matches, what leaves us 3,09 bereavement assists. The numbers of the Girona base this season in Endesa Women’s League give them a total of 56 in 18 games (3.2 (and added five in the Super Cup.

With the two at stake and a lot of league ahead, besides that right now they do not find any more rivals, it is evident that it is a duel that will stay alive and with alternatives for a throne that with the two bases of the national team is perfectly occupied.




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