Siena Baseball: C’s team gathers

SIENA. The future Serie C of the new Sienese baseball club, the Siena Baseball Club, will meet at 11 am on Sunday 31 January, at the Palasport Mens Sana in viale Achille Sclavo. The Juventus players will meet at the Palasport under the watchful eye of the technical staff , headed by the Technical Director Francesco Giusti.

“There are still several weeks to go until the start of the season and we have time to further strengthen the roster with negotiations that we will announce shortly,” says President Irene Bonazzola.

“During the off season we worked with some of our players, using the school field in via Avignone, made available by the municipal administration. We remain with our feet on the ground, ours is a long-term program, but it is clear that we will have our say on the pitch already from this year’s Serie C. I say to remain calm and work seriously on the field as we are doing in the market. Then we will sum up with the response of the field. This Sunday morning we will start working in full ranks with great enthusiasm and a great desire to start over. Even among our boys there are those who want to start again, there are prerequisites for doing well ”, said the manager Giusti.

“Sunday begins a new adventure, indoors, thanks to the availability of the Polisportiva, since Sunday we cannot work outdoors with the bad weather forecasts. Let’s start again from where the beat and run in Siena ended, that is, from Mens Sana, even if with an autonomous company. A new Sienese club that was born with a great desire to work and do well, without seeking revenge against anyone ”, urges the Sienese coach.

“We called”, concludes Giusti, “Jesus Barroso Gutierrez, who has already obtained a visa and who will return to Siena in the coming months. He is a great professional and a serious person, who has already worked very well in our city until 2012. He is back to give his technical contribution and make the Sienese beat and run great again ”.



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