Raise Tsutsugo’s homecoming “Eat oranges, run in the rice fields” –MLB: Nikkan Sports

Raise Yoshitomo Tsutsugo, an outfielder (28), told local children the importance of continuing. On the 16th, he participated in “Tsutsuka’s talk and exercise experience” as a sports promotion advisor in Hashimoto City, Wakayama, where he was born. He answered the question and answer with a smile and deepened exchanges with the children with his brother Hiroshi. The main questions and answers with boys and girls on Zoom are as follows.

-What is the charm and greatness of majors?

Tsutsugo The core of the body is very strong and strong. I felt that the speed of movement, the speed of the ball, and the speed of hitting the ball were different from those of Japanese baseball. There was a hungry spirit, a strong heart, a fighting, battlefield-like atmosphere flowing in the stadium.

-What I practiced most when I was in elementary school

Tsutsugo I did a lot of things with the exercise I’m doing now. I used to play baseball from elementary school, but I threw softball, played basketball, threw basketball, and since I was in the countryside, I knocked in the rice fields, climbed mountains, and did various other things.

-Did you think you could become a major leaguer since you were in elementary school?

I wanted to be Tsutsugo. I didn’t know for sure that I could be, but I’ve always wanted to be a major leaguer.

-How to get stronger and bigger

Tsutsugo I don’t think it’s always strong because it’s big, and I don’t think it’s good because it’s big or because it’s small. I think that people who can handle their body as they want and are full of their body are strong. I don’t think it matters whether the body is small or large.

-What are you doing when you come back to Hashimoto City?

Tsutsugo Eating mandarin oranges from Wakayama and running through rice fields.

-What kind of rice did you eat a lot when you were a child?

Tsutsugo I loved white rice and ate a lot of white rice. A few cups every day.

Hiroshi-san You ate about 5 rice balls. I feel that rice balls were a substitute for snacks.

-How can I like what I’m not good at?

Tsutsugo There are many things I’m not good at, and it takes time to be able to do it. Even if I try to like what I’m not good at, I think it’s hard to do, but I’m very happy and happy when I can do something I’m not good at by not giving up on what I’m not good at. Then I think I will like it naturally. You can do what you are not good at without giving up, and I think the most important thing is to continue steadily every day.

-How did you overcome your goal when you thought it was impossible?

Tsutsugo I don’t think it’s impossible anymore. If I think it’s impossible, I’ll stop there once, so I can’t move on to the moment I think it’s impossible. Believe in yourself and do not give up until you can believe it, and work on it every day.




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