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“Pulguita” Rodríguez: all roads lead to Simoca

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“Able to leave Santa Fe and stay in Simoca without doing anything. I do not have energy. I gave everything I had to become a champion and it didn’t happen, “he said. Luis Rodriguez Wednesday to the newspaper El Litoral. The forward expressed his desire to leave Colón but it does not seem to be that easy. Between staying in Santa Fe reluctantly and completely stopping his professional march, he has already chosen. And although part of that may be a strategy to pressure, it is not the first time that the “Pulguita” threatens to stop playing. A strange attitude for a player of his caliber but that is repeated.

Curiously, it has been 10 years since the last time he threatened with the same thing. It was after the hardest injury of his career. In 2011, playing for Atlético under the direction of Juan Manuel Llop, tore the anterior cruciate ligament in his right knee. The operation happened immediately but then came the hardest part: six months of recovery to go back to playing football. “The pain was tremendous. I felt really bad. I was locked up in my Barrio Sur apartment for three weeks and two days without moving from a place where I had thrown myself on the floor, “he told LG Deportiva at the time. Inwardly, he already knew: he was going to stop playing. Now he is not injured, however the same feeling goes through his head: stop playing, at least for a while.

Not only did the former “dean” scorer say that he prefers “to do nothing” but he knows where he will do nothing: his native Simoca. Maybe not a bad idea after all, considering how the dilemma of 2011 was resolved and his desire to quit football. At that time, several weeks had passed without hearing from him and Walter, his brother, went to the department to look for him. “He was pale, he hadn’t been out in weeks. I helped him to bathe, put clean clothes on him and took him to Simoca ”, remembered the big“ Flea ”.

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There, he regained his desire to play. “My brother took me to watch the veterans’ games. I put a deck chair and a bench to support my leg (I still had a splint) “, detailed the” sabalero “player. “Look at how these fat men play at their age and you want to retire,” Walter would tell him. They are not the same circumstances and he is 10 years older, but it is likely that a time in Simoca will suit him well. There where they don’t say Luis or “Pulguita”. There where they call him Miguel.

In the decade that has passed since that episode, he experienced a successful symbiosis with Atlético that ends up leaving him as one of the most beloved and valuable players in Argentine football. His passage through Colón, closer to Buenos Aires, earned him the recognition he deserved. That is why he feels that it is time to take another leap. Just as he felt when he left the “Dean.”

His statements are those of someone who is clearly not comfortable and needs a change of breath. Stopping the ball is the next option he handles according to his words. At least for a few days or maybe longer. “I don’t think it would be useful for Colón to pay me my salary to watch me jog around the field until June. It is not going to serve the club, the coach, the group or me, ”he assured El Litoral in the same interview. The situation in Colón is already so dirty that there seems to be no going back. He and the leaders of Colón have it very clear.

“My head is already elsewhere,” he said in that interview with the Santa Fe morning. Maybe it’s in Simoca and maybe it’s not so bad after all.

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“I love Simoca”, from the times of Argentino A

In Luis Rodríguez’s early years at Atlético, when he began to score important goals, the forward celebrated them in a special way: under his shirt he had a T-shirt with the legend “I love Simoca” (I love Simoca). If there is, the forward will consider an offer from Atlético, but his idea is to play for a club other than Colón. It will be necessary to see how it is solved.


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