PHOTO: Private plane Max Verstappen has a new look

Max Verstappen has given his recently purchased private jet a new look. Journalist shares that Menno Swart on the basis of a photo via Twitter. The well-known orange lion logo of the Dutchman can be found on the tail of the box.

Verstappen is not the first premium class pilot to buy such a private box. Since the drivers fly all over the world year after year, it also offers advantages if you can do this at your own pace. The Red Bull Racing driver purchased a Falcon-900EX a few months ago. It was first owned by billionaire Richard Branson.

Up in the Sky previously reported that the jet was assembled in 2009 and can take a total of eighteen passengers. With a full tank of fuel, the aircraft can travel no less than 8,340 kilometers in one go. In addition, the jet will be registered with the Dutch civil aviation register as PH-DTF. According to the aviation news medium, this is striking, because this registration belonged to the McDonnell Douglas DC-10 of the KLM from 1973 to 1977.



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