Patriots Coach Bill Belichick Refuses Trump’s Top Award | Sport

Belichick explained his decision in a statement, without mentioning the name of the president. He was referring to last week’s events in Washington, when Trump supporters stormed and broke into the Capitol. Five people were killed in the disturbances.

The 68-year-old American has worked with the Patriots since 2000. With quarterback Tom Brady as the centerpiece of his team, Belichick won the Super Bowl six times, the championship in the NFL.

“I know I represent my family and New England Patriots”

“Recently, I was offered to receive the Presidential Medal of Freedom. I was very flattered by that, by what the award stands for and out of admiration for the people who received it earlier, ”Belichick writes. “This was followed by the tragic events of last week and the decision was made not to receive the award. I am an American citizen with great respect for our country’s values, freedom and democracy. ”

“I know that I represent my family and New England Patriots,” said the seasoned coach. “In 2020, leadership within our club sparked talks about social justice and human rights. These have led to promotions, one of the best things in my professional career. Continuing with those efforts and remaining loyal to the people, the team and my country are more important to me than an individual award.

Trump was backed in his 2016 presidential campaign by Belichick, Patriots owner Robert Kraft and then star player Brady.


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