Olimpia arrives and they are not one but two birthdays …

But look what jokers are the gods of basketball. Today, January 9, 2021, and tomorrow, January 10, 2021, there are two recurrences that only apparently have nothing in common.

Let’s start with the first. Today Pallacanestro Olimpia Milano turns 85 and what about the above jokers? They let the celebrators pass the important commemoration stuck in a hotel in Madrid due to a snowstorm that has not been seen in those parts since the second ice age.

At the moment (it’s about 7 pm) the circumstance could also postpone tomorrow’s race at the palace, but since there are no confirmations I don’t put time in the middle and I’m going to the usual complaint. And the usual neuron of the north-west forces me to do so, also considering the risk of postponement, complaining not about matters inherent to tomorrow’s match but narrating what Olympia Basketball has done in these 85 years, limiting myself to the homeland because otherwise ends at Christmas 2023.

When you approach the first rudiments of the Italian version of the most beautiful game in the world, one of the first things you get into is, fatally. Olimpia Milano. The reason is soon said and concerns the numbers because no one in Italy, and few in Europe, can boast a national palmarès like that of Olimpia; let’s limit ourselves only to the shields which are 28, and they are really many, indeed many. Virtually one in three years came one.

But if you take the trouble to go and see when they arrived then the matter is clearer; therefore, of the 28, 19 arrived in the period from 1936 to 1972 (52.7%), and 15 of these 19 are concentrated in the 22 years from 1950 to 1972 (68.1%). The other 9 arrive in the beauty of 48 years (18.7%), but these too are concentrated in two well-defined periods; from 1982 to 1989 there are 5, the “haggard” shield of 1996 arrives and then the last 3 are the recent history of the 5 years ranging from 2014 to the last in 2018.


For many years Olimpia has lived on the reflected light of three completely different historical periods: the years immediately preceding the Second World War with 4 consecutive shields, the first, from 1936 to 1939, those from 1950 to 1972 which contributed to give birth and nourish the myth of the red shoes, and those from 1982 to 1989 expression of what, dispassionate opinion of your Ciranone, was by far the strongest team that has ever trod the national parquet (I only mention three names: Dino Meneghin, Bob McAdoo and above all Mike Dantoni were a triggered cluster bomb that did not injure when it exploded; a team that could also be coached by my uncle in a wheelbarrow who won just the same).

In the midst of these three periods, the cosmic void or almost, above all from 1990 to 2013 24 years with only one skimpy shield (1996, with a team in which a certain Flavio “Lupo” Portaluppi, I think the name tells you something …) came down from the pear tree; there is more stardust between the 5 light-years that separate the Sun from Alpha Centauri than national Olympic Baskettar history in those 24 years.


I think that now you are wondering: “where do you want to go to our Ciranone?”. I want to say that this “anomaly”, if we want to call it that, is paradoxically the most glaring demonstration of why Olimpia Milano, even in periods of rather rare stardust, is still a legend of Italian basketball, and when one is a legend the the first idea that comes to the mind of those who have the good fortune to cross his path is to give him a good trip.

He has succeeded in many but not many; at Vanoli, in his Serie A years, four times, the last of which on March 24, 2019 in a fiery PalaRadi, and away only once, on March 16, 2013; it was the Vanoli of champagne basketball by Gigione Gresta and it was a day to be framed and embedded in one of the most hidden neurons of our necks and then occasionally take it out to savor what was a real undertaking. The only gripe is that it did not happen in the temple of national basketball because at the time the Forum had the habit of celebrating its home games away to Desio.


The forum has come very close the last two times. The first on November 25, 2018 in the race in which the most unfortunate last minute that three gray phenomena could invent was seen; you will surely remember Sardella, Baldini and Quarta who ringed the famous three cosmic nonsense, one after the other, effectively giving the match to Olimpia.

The second on 9 February 2020; it seemed made with the rebound in attack taken by Ethan Happ who, however, jumps into the head of the bad idea of ​​clamorously clicking the final support, then reversal and on the other hand Vladimir Micov who puts the bomb and sends everyone in the shower. It was on the eve not only of the Pesaro Final Eight but also of the arrival of the beast with which we are still involved today.


And so we go, or rather we should go (by the way, nothing is leaking yet and so I know that we can put the conditional aside) to play the twenty-sixth match against L’Olimpia. Let’s wish you well both because 85 are so many but above all because if we can do them it is thanks to two other people who have made it possible.

Tomorrow is the seventieth anniversary of the foundation of Corazzi Fiber, and Vanoli has seen fit to make the regàs wear a special uniform with the colors of the historic Cremonese company founded by Paolo Corazzi, whose children, Antonella ed Alberto Corazzi, at the time they intended to honor with that “triple at the end” (cited Vanoli Press Office) which allowed Vanoli to continue its journey in the Italian top league and all of us to continue living a beautiful sporting tale.


At the time, your Ciranone’s far too fervent imagination had complained about the affair by bringing up the Mr. Bonaventure, Weather in Barbariccia, the beautiful Cecè and the inevitable dachshund of yellow color invented at the time by that genius of Sergio Tofano, identifying Mr. Bonaventura in Aldo Vanoli was Guerino da Soncino, and the yellow dachshund, which however in this case were two, precisely in Antonella ed Alberto Corazzi.

I believe that the Vanolian people should all be grateful with Antonella ed Alberto Corazzi not only because they allowed Vanoli to continue its path, but above all for the reasons that led them to do so. And that is the memory of their father who, as an old-fashioned entrepreneur, did so much, and in silence, for our city.


Not well but very well so Vanoli did to remind us all of this anniversary, and it is really a pity that there is not the public to celebrate it as it would be. But I’m sure that, through the “pischer”, the Vanolian people will get everything to Antonella ed Alberto Corazzi all the warmth and affection they deserve.

Let’s confess it, when Olimpia arrives it’s always a party because it means that you are citizens and not spectators of the Olympus of national basketball, but this time doing it with the people who have still allowed it is one of the many gifts that every now and then gives us it most beautiful sport in the world.

Which is beautiful and instructive (cit.)

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