NBA – Doncic and Kleber impress when the “Mavs” basketball wins

Especially in the fourth quarter and in the extension of the 124: 117 success at the Denver Nuggets, Kleber demonstrated his skills with long-range throws and a strong defense. Kleber scored all of his nine points in the final section and added eight rebounds and two blocks.

A praise from the boss followed immediately. Mavericks owner Mark Cuban called the 28-year-old one of the “mostly underrated players and defenders in the NBA”.

Doncic strong again with the “Mavs”

With only 2.4 seconds left on the clock, the Würzburger Kleber had even provided the alleged game-deciding goal. But superstar Nikola Jokic scored the equalizer with the siren and saved the nuggets in overtime.

Isaiah Hartenstein also played five minutes for Denver. “Mavs” topscorer was once again Luka Doncic with 38 points.

Schröder disappoints when the Lakers are defeated

Things were much worse for Dennis Schröder than for Kleber. The national team playmaker suffered a third defeat of the season with the Los Angeles Lakers after a disappointing performance. At 109: 118 against the San Antonio Spurs, Schröder got six points, his weakest result since he moved to the champions at the beginning of the season.

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