MLB The Show 21 would be delayed until mid-May

After MLB’s other official video game franchise, RBI Baseball, will already launch its trailer for its 2021 edition and announce the player of los White Sox, Tim Anderson, how your athlete portrayed, many people have started to worry about what will happen with the new edition of MLB The Show, where there has not been much news and onlye an announcement that in February they will begin to give advances to the 2021 edition.

The truth is that there are many concerns that the game could be delayed, since at this time in past years we already had a minimum of the cover athlete and some gameplay trailer announcing the game. However, according to youtuber Shelfy, MLB The Show 21 may have to be delayed at least a few months.

Shelfy mentions that because the developer San Diego Studio has much more work than in previous years because they are not only completing the possible versions of Xbox, Nintendo and PC, but also that of new generation consoles such as the Xbox Series X / S and PlayStation 5.

The youtuber has emphasized that these delays have occurred on previous occasions during the history of the franchise, more precisely in MLB The Show 07 and 14, where current-gen and next-gen versions had to be developed, with the next generation seeing the light until May, specifically PS3 and PS4 respectively.

Although nothing has been officially announced from San Diego Studios, we will have to wait until February to hear when MLB The Show 21 will be released and if it will be released for more consoles in addition to PlayStation and next generation systems.



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