Llagostera beat El Prat with a goal from Pau Salvans

first victory of 2021. Llagostera opens the new year with a trump card in the El Prat field thanks to a goal by Salvans in the last game of the first round. 1 Sergio Cortés disputing a ball with a player from El Prat. F

2 The Llagostera dressing room euphoric after winning the match at the Sagnier. F

Unlike most towns in Spain and Catalonia, the storm Filomena passed through the Baix Llobregat. It was raining and it was quite cold, but nothing extraordinary to stop a Llagostera that has long shown that it will fight against all the challenges that lie ahead. Yesterday it was his turn to be the executioner of El Prat. A goal from Salvans in the 42nd minute gave Barça their first victory of the year (0-1), who knew how to play their cards to leave without options a competitive rival who was not successful in the end zone. Marcos’ stops also had to do with it. Thus, Oriol Alsina’s team is fifth in the standings with 14 points, closer to the top than the bottom. The coach warns, however, that no matter how much the points give “oxygen” no one can “rely on it because everything is very even and with a defeat you can be down again.”

Without the Cup in the middle and rested from the Christmas holidays, Llagostera had time to prepare for the match in El Prat. The team followed the script to the letter, although the local set began to dominate. In the beginning, Dubasin was about to take advantage of a loss of those of Contreras that was in a nothing. He intervened and how Marcos, after a cocoa of Guzmán stopped by the goalkeeper.

With the balance balanced, everyone wanted to prove their arguments. Cortés got a fingertip on Cravitto’s shot from the left 10 minutes in, and managed to keep the visitors from going up another goal. Equality was maximum with possession for El Prat, but with Barça well positioned and attentive to generate chances. With the passing of the minutes, they even managed to take the baton on the left side with Dubasin and Genar.

El Prat had to use the first change in the 26th minute due to the injury of Domi, who was replaced by Figueras. Despite the blow this could have caused, the locals did not lower their arms until they found their clearest opportunity with a cross shot from Diego that came out licking the post after a good collective action. Llagostera replied with a shot from Salvans outside. The player on loan from Espanyol found the prize before the break to advance his team following a well-intentioned play in the Prat area, which ended with two rejections from Craviotto and the inevitable goal in the rebound of one of them.

With everything in mind, you just had to defend the result. No matter how hard El Prat put things. In the 50th minute, Llagostera was about to fit the tie but luckily their Padilla could not finish with a cannonball. Neither with the centers of Figueras. The first would find no finisher and the second would come out rubbing the stick. Those of Alsina were very solid before the local pressure. Following a good personal action, Pere tried it with a shot from the front outside.

The Barça coach chose to refresh the team with the first two changes. Lucas Viale and Salvans left, who debuted as a scorer, and Aimar and Guiu entered. It immediately took effect. And it is that Sascha had the 0-2 in his boots with a shot that ended in the clouds. In the 74th minute, Marcos was once again inspired to frustrate an Artigas header and keep Barça’s victory on the scoreboard.

As he had shown throughout the match, El Prat made a final effort to get at least one point without success. Guzmán and Civil tried it, but the shots did not find the goal and Llagostera knew how to resist to finish the first round of the most satisfied.

The next day Alsina will start the second part of the championship in the field of Andorra. Those of Nacho Castro will also arrive at the match with good feelings after winning on Saturday at Lleida (1-0). The Andorrans are fourth with 15 points, one more than Llagostera.




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