Liga Betplay: Millionaires work on diet and adaptation to height of Freddy Guarín and Fernando Uribe | Colombian Soccer | Betplay League

Millionaires now enjoy two experienced ones like Freddy Guarín and Fernando Uribe, but he understands that it takes patience and a lot of effort to enjoy both at their best.

Each case has its handling. For the midfielder, for example, it was always clear that the first thing was to lose the overweight that he gained in inactivity. Not only did the memes notice …

For this reason, as explained by physical trainer Felipe Palmezano to the newspaper AS, Guarín makes an effort in his diet without missing a single minute of work with the group and under the orders of coach Alberto Gamero.

“He arrived at a considerable weight and today he has lost 6 kilos, we made him a plan with several stages and the first part has already been achieved. We are going to enter the next phase and at the same time bring him to his ideal weight and his fat percentage” , said.

“He participates in all the work of Professor Gamero and is scheduled an hour before to do his conditioning. The idea is not to isolate him from the group based on the methodology that we use, which is the game. Fredy makes short runs, but with more repetitions to that their physical-athletic condition improves, “explained Palmezano.

In Uribe’s case, the advantage is that he is physically well because he trained with a personal trainer and that has allowed him to participate in the group’s activities. But the competition will still have to wait: “it is not yet at one hundred percent and we have to adapt it again to the height,” concluded the specialist.




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