Legend Tom Brady is going to have his 10th Super Bowl

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have qualified for the Super Bowl 2021, which they will try to win on February 7 in their stadium, by eliminating the Green Bay Packers (31-26), worn by their star Tom Brady in search of a 7th crowned in ten finals.

The highly anticipated Brady-Mahomes shock

The Florida franchise, which is seeking a 2nd Vince Lombardi trophy after his victory in 2002, will meet Kansas City, defending champion, Buffalo striker (38-24). The Super Bowl will offer a real intergenerational shock in Florida. On the one hand Tom Brady therefore, long since entered the legend of the NFL and who will try at 43 to be crowned for the 7th time. On the other, Patrick Mahomes, 25, whose talent has been splashing the league for three seasons (MVP 2018) and who was stunning in the last final won against the San Francisco 49ers (31-20).

The Missouri franchise will seek its third Vince Lombardi trophy (1970, 2020), that of Florida its second (2002), with who knows, already a first advantage, since it will play at Raymond James Stadium. This is the first time in 55 editions that a finalist has “received”.

Before that, Tampa Bay managed to foil the predictions that instead saw the Green Bay team win on their turf, even as the distance duel between veterans Brady, 43, and Aaron Rodgers, six, his junior and probable future MVP of the season, promised to envelop this shock of NFL in suspense.

A great duel between Brady and Rodgers

It did. And their opposition peaked during the first three quarters. Brady started off strong, finding Mike Evans for the first touchdown early in the game. On which his rival replied, with a 50-yard pass that sent Marquez Valdes-Scantling into the in-goal (7-7).

After a 20-yard run from Leonard Fournette who put the Bucs in front (14-7), Brady made a first break, just before the siren announcing the break, delivering a superb pass to Scotty Miller (21-10 ). And at the start of the 3rd quarter, he found Cameron Brate for his 3rd touchdown pass.

At 28-10 on the scoreboard, few believed Green Bay could come back. But that was without counting on Rodgers, who first sent Robert Tonyan into the opposing zone, then his running back Davante Adams to come back to five lengths.

The last quarter was one of considerably increased pressure on the shoulders of the two stars. Brady conceded his 2nd and 3rd interceptions there, Rodgers could not lead his team to a 4th touchdown. He approached it from 26 yards, but instead of letting him throw on the 4th and final attempt, his team chose to add three points on a shot on goal, only closing the lead. An incomprehensible tactical choice.


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