Is Leo coming back? Central Córdoba will seek to repatriate Sequeira

The striker, who had a great step through the Railroad, could put on his jacket again in this Professional League tournament.

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Central Córdoba is preparing to face the new season of the Professional League which will start on February 14. Reinforcements are a priority and the club works to achieve the return of a player loved by the fan: Leonardo Sequeira.

As he was able to find out Somos Deporte from reliable sources, from the club there were already contacts with the winger on the right that performed very well with him Sapo Coleoni as DT. The negotiations are advanced and could be successful.

It should be remembered that the player born in La Banda 25 years ago still has a link with Belgrano of Córdoba, a club like the one that played in the First Division and since this season was in the First National. Further, aroused interest in other clubs of the Argentine first division such as football in Turkey.

Sequeira started very young in the Santiagueña League playing in Velez de San Ramón, then dazzled in Water and energy and came to Central Córdoba when the team was in the Federal Tournament A. In 2014 he scored a goal in the final for promotion against Union Aconquija and the team managed to climb the First National B.

Leo played three seasons in the B National with Central Córdoba and, after the decline in mid-2017, it went to Belgrano where it is since that year.

Another return

The other name that hangs around the professional team is Nahuel Luján, one of the players who achieved promotion to First Division in 2019. However, there were no contacts as firm as those of Sequeira.



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