Gronkowski is “not surprised” by Brady

Thomas Siniecki: published on Saturday January 02, 2021 at 13:37

Tom Brady, the exceptional veteran, did not come empty-handed to Tampa Bay, bringing back with him Rob Gronkowski who was backing him magnificently at the Patriots (and had temporarily stopped his career). A timeless hitch.

Rob Gronkowski, Tom Brady’s loyal historic lieutenant, succeeds an excellent season with his friend in Tampa Bay, which the legendary quarterback joined this year from his New England Patriots that no one ever imagined him leaving. “The second I met him, I saw that he was on top all the time,” ‘Gronk’ sums up. “In matches, in training, he wants to improve every day. And that continues. I’m not going to be surprised that he stays after the sessions to work, he always did. He always wanted to work with others, everywhere. ” Gronkowski finally salutes “his consistency at the highest level, for all this time.” As a reminder, Tom Brady, 43, is one of the best players in history – if not the best – with a record of six Super Bowls won.

Soumah: “The best combination of all time”

His transfer from the Patriots to the Buccaneers was logically one of the most resounding of all time, especially since it was accompanied by the return to the game of Gronkowski who, at 30, was coming off a sabbatical after having gleaned three titles with Tom Brady (2015, 2017, 2019). Long before the season, beIN SPORTS consultant Marc-Angelo Soumah judged the duo as “the best combination of all time between two players”.

The former player also spoke of the “best tight end in history”: “Often, in this position, we are dominant as a blocker but poor receiver, or vice versa. Gronkowski reigns in both areas, and that changes all: that’s six blockers instead of five, or five receivers instead of four. ” After a difficult start, doubts are rising more and more. While Tampa Bay does not have the best record in the NFL, the team still qualified for the playoffs as early as last week, while the regular season is not yet over.


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