German handball players have to do without their cook

Contrary to what was expected, the chef of the German handball players cannot prepare the food for the team in the World Cup team hotel in Egypt. “We have our own cook with us who cannot cook for us because there are not enough opportunities on site,” said national coach Alfred Gíslason in Giza that morning. “We also complained about that on arrival.” Although you have a separate room for eating, you have to fetch your own food, “where other teams can be at the same time,” added the 61-year-old Icelander. “This is a plan that we had imagined differently, that was promised to us differently.”

Norway’s superstar Sander Sagosen had previously described the so-called bladder concept to protect against the corona virus as a joke. The Norwegians live in the same hotel as the German team near the Giza pyramids. “It was criticized at the beginning that everything should take place in a bubble and now and then someone walks around the hotel without a mask,” said Gislason. “This corona discussion is hanging over this World Cup and we hope that everything will continue to go well.”

The DHB selection starts on Friday (6 p.m. / ARD) against Uruguay in the world championship.

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