Gao Shiyan fell to the ground in the last quarter, the director has a wave of 17 points and 5 steals.

Original title: Gao Shiyan fell to the ground in the last quarter, the director has a wave of 17 points and 5 steals.

On January 3, Beijing time, the 20-21 CBA regular season will continue. The match between Shandong team and Beijing team started at 11 o’clock Beijing time. After the Shandong team fell behind in the first three quarters, they used a full-court press in the last quarter to cause the Beijing team to make constant mistakes, reverse the score, and finally won 89-86. The comeback Gao Shiyan became the biggest contributor to the team’s reversal. He scored 17 points, 8 rebounds, 6 assists and 5 steals. It was the high-intensity full-court press by Gao Shiyan, Chen Peidong, and Wang Ruheng in the final quarter that caused the Beijing team to be in a mess in the first three quarters. In the end, the Shandong team not only filled in the 13-point pit behind, but also reversed and won the game.

In recent games, Gao Shiyan has not played due to a waist injury. Defenders such as Hudson and Wang Ruheng have assumed more responsibilities. Gao Shiyan’s injury is an old injury, not very serious, so there is no list of injured players on the CBA official website. After 6 and a half minutes in the first quarter, Gao Shiyan was replaced. In the first half, Gibson played very well, and Gong Xiaobin hoped that Gao Shiyan could restrict Gibson. As soon as Gao Shiyan was beaten on the court, Gibson came to disarm, Gibson shook continuously, shook Gao Shiyan, and then sent a throw pass, Li Muhao easily buckled in. After Gao Shiyan played, the Shandong team passed the ball smoothly from outside. With 3 minutes left, Gao Shiyan stopped and pulled the basketball back, swaying the defensive Liu Xiaoyu a step away and hitting 2 points steadily.

In the second quarter, Gao Shiyan gave Tao Hanlin a good shot while marching, but it was a pity that Tao Hanlin’s shot came out of the box. In the confrontation, Tao Hanlin’s ability was obviously better than Fan Ziming. For a long time in the second quarter, the Shandong team’s offense stagnated. After the timeout, the Shandong team started to gain momentum, Gao Shiyan made the ball the first time, and Li Jingyu scored a layup. This season, Gao Shiyan will often use accurate long passes to find his teammates in the quick counterattack, and the defense against opponents is not in place. Under Gao Shiyan’s entangled defense, Gibson was a little over the top, and a senseless push was fouled. In the last attack of the Shandong team, Gao Shiyan hit 3 points.

In the third quarter, the Beijing team played a 9-0 spurt under the leadership of Gibson. Gao Shiyan scored a layup after stealing the ball, helping the Shandong team break the scoring shortage. Then Gibson almost made a mistake under Gao Shiyan’s high-intensity defense. Xiao Gao then assisted Tao Hanlin to score. At present, the combination of Gao Shiyan and Tao Hanlin has become an important scoring method for the Shandong team. Since then, Gao Shiyan succeeded in stealing again. As the local steals king of the league, Xiao Gao’s stealing ability is frightening.

Gao Shiyan organized a counterattack and passed to Jia Cheng in the basket. Jia Cheng fouled Wang Xiaohui and made two free throws. With 3 minutes left, Gao Shiyan made a frontcourt steal and then fell to the ground to pass to Chen Peidong, who tied the score after the latter scored. In the last 3 minutes, Gao Shiyan and Tao Hanlin played concisely again and Tao Hanlin broke into the inside to score. Gao Shiyan was knocked down by Zhai Xiaochuan when he was fighting for a backboard. Gao Shiyan made two free throws and Shandong team led by 2 points.

In the last 90 seconds, Chen Peidong gave it to Gao Shiyan after stealing the frontcourt, and Gao Shiyan scored. With 24 seconds left, Gao Shiyan took off the backboard and Fang Shuo fouled in time. Gao Shiyan steadily made two free throws and basically sealed the victory.

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