FOOTBALL ONLINE: Karviná keeps Slavia at a distance! Slovácko is celebrating again, Baník was in trouble in Zlín

Vlastimil Vacek, Right

The key moments of the match between Olomouc and Opava were crammed between the 25th and 29th minute, when Daněk and Gonzalez overcame the visiting Fendrich. In addition, when the Opava Tiehi was eliminated at the very end of the first half after the second yellow card, the winner of the match seemed to have been decided.

However, the Slezanés did not pack the duel, and even in the weakening they managed to reduce Nešický in the 55th minute thanks to a converted penalty kick. But Opava’s hopes lived only for a short time. Sigma increased the score to 4: 1 in the 64th and 65th minutes after the second goal of Gonzalez and Houska and thus decided the fate of the match.

The Han team won after seven matches, Opava remains the last after its tenth defeat of the season.

Olomouc players rejoice at the first goal.

Ludek Perina, ČTK

Slovácko also ruled in Ďolíček
Playing in a great form, Slovácko confirmed its qualities in the first half of the match against the Bohemians. The guests took the lead in the 25th minute Kalabiška, seven minutes later the home goalkeeper Le Giang fouled and Kliment was not wrong from the penalty kick.

The 27-year-old striker repeated the same situation five minutes later, and this time he did not give the Klokan team goalkeeper a chance from the penalty. Michal Svědík’s charges clearly led 3: 0 after the first half.

The kangaroos partially returned to the game in the 73rd minute after Puškáč’s goal. Necid could have set off a real drama four minutes later, but unlike Kliment, he did not take advantage of the penalty kick. The guests did not admit any further complications and thus scored their fourth win in a row.

Jan Kliment from Slovácko transforms the first penalty awarded

Vlastimil Vacek, Right

The miner drives from Zlín only a point

The home team Zlín started the match against Baník more actively, but the guests got into the lead from a unique event, when Buchta scored his own goal. Fastav equalized until the end of the half, when Poznar turned the penalty kick to ensure a half-time score of 1: 1.

In the second half, the result did not change, so Baník did not win three matches in a row. Zlín is even worse off, it is waiting for five matches for a three-point gain.

From left: Petr Buchta from Zlín, Roman Potočný from Ostrava and Jakub Kolář from Zlín.

Dalibor luck, ČTK



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