Fernando Uribe arrival at Millonarios: representative clarifies the situation | Colombian Soccer | Betplay League

Millionaires want to be the protagonist in 2021 and for that they must form a solid and competitive squad, to fight for the League title of 2021.

With the arrival of Fredy Guarín, Harrison Mojica and Daniel Ruiz, as reinforcements; and the return of Jader Valencia, the ambassador team works in the preseason, facing the start of the championship on January 17 against Envigado.

However, under pressure from the fans and from different sectors when they demanded a senior striker for the start of the competitions, the name of Fernando Uribe became relevant, to such an extent that the managers of the Albiazul team began a negotiation with the Pereira gunner , who at 33 years old still cannot find a team.

Precisely, in the midst of the rumors that linked the attacker with his return to the capital box, Luis Carlos Serrano, his representative, spoke with Blog Deportivo, of Blu Radio, and referred to the possible arrival of the gunner to the Albiazul team.

Yes, he had every intention of reaching Millionaires. So much so that he asked me for a closer look, but a moment ago he told me that unfortunately he could not reach any financial agreement with Mr. Gustavo Serpa (Millionaires’ largest shareholder)“, said.

Also, Serrano assured that the player held a dialogue with the leaders, but could not reach an economic agreement, therefore, his arrival in the team is almost ruled out.

He himself took the lead in the negotiation. I was not at the last meeting. It was between him and Gustavo Serpa. He only told me that they socialized economic issues, but they could not reach an agreement unfortunately … We let two options go through this whole topic. So far no formal offer from Colombian football has arrived. If it arrives, we will analyze it ”, he specified.

Finally, the agent spoke about Uribe’s future, noting that there is an option in Barcelona, ​​Ecuador, which could be given.

“The Barcelona thing was not ruled out. Initially they passed a proposal, which we accepted and signed, but the club under its budget and they changed the terms. However, surprises may come on that topic. It can be revived ”, he concluded.




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