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Facundo Campazzo to the NBA: neither a pandemic, nor height, nor suspicious glances, nor the millions of euros from Real Madrid could stop him

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It was the perfect coronation. There is no pandemic that can overshadow the goal achieved. He waited 29 years to get there, so he enjoys beyond a complex beginning. He knew about the difficulties, but the conquest is what seduces him. He is fueled by the challenge, because it has always been like that since the ball was biting at the Municipal de Córdoba. Facundo Campazzo He closes 2020 and 2021 will begin with the feeling of being in the place he dreamed, that he wanted, that he deserved, that he was already crying out for his progress, that he needed to prove his talent. The NBA It was the logical landing for his sporting voracity.

There were too many pitfalls he had to navigate to get to the most powerful basketball league on the planet. He even endured criticism when it was announced that his new home in the United States would be Denver. The local media noted him for having an unusual size for the NBA (1.79 meters), they insisted on pointing out that his adaptation in the Nuggets It was going to be very long and even in these lands, strangely, some considered excessive the valuation of this achievement for Argentine basketball

Source: AFP

None of that can stop him, not even the 17 seconds he entered to foul James Harden in his third official game in the competition against the Houston Rockets. Campazzo is in the NBA to show that his adventure there is not the product of chance. Why He was dominant at Real Madrid, the most powerful team in Europe, under Pablo Laso, an award-winning coach who knew how to pressure him like no one else.

He knew how to accept, after his landing in Madrid, that the merengue team understood that he was not ready for the challenge and that is why they sent him to Murcia. He did not resign himself, he accepted the company and left an indelible mark. He became the best point guard of the season and the whites were able to realize that the Spanish League was not a problem for Campazzo but that it represented a competition that he could dominate.

He also knew how to negotiate with great skill how to leave Real Madrid, because it was an extra complication for his exit to the NBA, in a different configuration for the players who wanted to get there. There was a shorter agency because the pandemic forced to modify all the calendars. In that context Campazzo was clever to find the formulas that could make up the Spanish team, which wanted 6 million euros for a clause that was signed in the renewal of the Argentine base, they did not bother the franchise that was going to hire him (they are only allowed to pay $ 750,000 for this type of operation) and could be accessible to him (he played without receiving payment in recent months and will cancel the debt with Madrid in annual installments).

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It is a different league, with fewer times, that placed him in a different position in the Nuggets, although Campazzo came as the most dominant base in basketball in Europe and runner-up in the world with Argentina’s team in the last World Cup in China 2019, in the NBA must endure being the fifth player in that positionBecause coach Mike Malone uses Jamal Murray, Monte Morris, Gary Harris and even Will Barton. However, The man from Cordoba makes a cult of patience at this start of the season, he knows that his adaptation will take a while and that the minutes he will have to earn even when he has them with the games resolved and on the end of the party.

Nothing stops Facundo Campazzo, his blood boils. He has fans in love, he earned the respect of his teammates, they christened him Spiderman (for his one-handed passes), they want him in the franchise. His head is as hard as a rock. Neither the pandemic, nor the misgivings about its height, nor the little space at this start of the season, can blur it. He is in the NBA, the dream of his life, he will not miss the chance.

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