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Emmanuel Macron presents his wishes to the French: what to remember

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President Emmanuel Macron sends his wishes to the French population at the Elysée Palace in Paris on December 31, 2020.

The President of the Republic, Emmanuel Macron, praised hope, Thursday, December 31, during his wishes to the French for 2021, thanks to the implementation of the vaccine against the Covid-19 and to the economic recovery, at the end of a year turned upside down by the epidemic.

“Yes, this year 2020 has been difficult. She reminded us of our vulnerabilities. But together, we come out even more united and having learned a lot ”, he said in a speech broadcast from the Elysee Palace on the occasion of New Year’s Eve.

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  • No “unwarranted slowness” in the vaccination campaign

The president spoke of the vaccination campaign which is starting in small quantities, seeking a compromise between those who fear an obligation and those who accuse France of going too slowly. “I will not allow unjustified slowness to take hold for bad reasons” in the vaccination campaign, assured Emmanuel Macron, who does not wish to see “No one to play with safety and the right conditions, supervised by our scientists and our doctors, in which the vaccination must be done”.

In a surprise statement shortly before the presidential vows, the Minister of Health, Olivier Véran, announced an acceleration of this campaign: from Monday, vaccination will be open to caregivers over 50, who initially should only be vaccinated. Starting from February.

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  • “Invent a stronger economy”

The comeback who “Quivers” already “Will allow us, from the spring, to invent a stronger economy, which at the same time creates jobs, is more innovative, more respectful of the climate and biodiversity and more united”, assured with optimism the Head of State.

This spring 2021 “Will be the start of a new French morning, of a European renaissance”, he said lyrically, but, he warned, “The first months of the year will be difficult and, at least until spring, the epidemic will still weigh heavily on the life of our country”.

He listed several of his priorities for the coming year: ecological transition, secularism, equal opportunities and the fight against “All inequalities and discrimination”. Without mentioning the pension reform, an explosive subject that he nevertheless plans to put back on the table, he only mentioned a need not to impose the cost of the crisis on future generations.

  • The United Kingdom remains “our friend and our ally”

The president also spoke of Brexit, which will enter into force this Friday at midnight, ensuring that the interests of the European Union (EU) were preserved by the agreement reached last week. Despite its exit from the EU, the United Kingdom remains “Our friend and our ally”, said the president, adding that “This choice to leave Europe was the child of European malaise and many lies and false promises”.

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“I want to tell you very clearly: our destiny is first in Europe”, said the French president. He called for a Europe “Stronger, more autonomous, more united”. “In 2020, we were able to carry out the necessary transformations and strengthen our credibility, he congratulated himself. We were able to convince Germany, then the other members of the European Union, to design a single recovery plan, to decide on common and solidarity-based debt to better prepare our future. “

  • Emmanuel Macron assumes his “whatever the cost”

« Our country is one of those which intervened the most to protect and support young people, workers, entrepreneurs, Mr Macron said. Whatever the cost, I accept it, because it has saved lives and protected jobs. “” I am sincerely convinced that we made the right choices at the right time, he added. We will have to build together the answers that will not make it a burden for future generations. “

The Head of State also paid tribute to the 64,000 victims of Covid-19 and their relatives. He praised the investment of those mobilized in this crisis to “To care for, nourish, educate protect”. Sitting in front of a low table, in a less formal posture than the previous December 31, the Head of State gave the first names of French people cited as an example for their courage. From Gérard, boss of a mask factory, to Romain, gendarme in Tende, or Mauricette, 78, resident of a retirement home in Sevran, who was the first French woman to be vaccinated against Covid-19. “A magnificent message of hope for the coming year. “

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