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Brooklyn Nets – Atlanta Hawks Tipp

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Spencer Dinwiddie’s cruciate ligament rupture could prove problematic for the Nets’ ambitions. Against the Hornets, the Guard was seriously injured and is therefore canceled for the rest of the season.

At first glance, this significant failure appears to be serious for the structure of the game. In fact, Dinwiddie has so far shown mixed performances. In an average of 21 minutes, the guard only put on 6.7 points with 3.0 assists.

With LeVert, Shamet and Brown, Coach Nash has enough quality from the bank to make up for the loss. Kyle Irving, however, will be a key factor in the game. With fourteen three-pointers, the point guard is second in the NBA behind McCollum from Portland.

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The Atlanta Hawks are currently one of four teams in the Eastern Conference with a record of (3-0). The Hawks’ season opener went surprisingly well. A 124: 104 against the Bulls was followed by a 122: 112 against the Grizzlies.

As expected, the Hawks finally triumphed 128: 120 over the Pistons on Monday. Admittedly, the previous opponents were not particularly strong, but now with the game against the Nets the first endurance test of the season on the program.

Rajon Rondo made his debut for the Hawks against the Pistons. The former Lakers point guard signed a two-year deal with the Hawks.

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