Ansailong wins the Golden Marin at the Thailand Badminton Open and doubles Dai Ziying_final

Original title: Thailand Badminton Open Ansailong wins the Golden Marlin double kill Dai Ziying

Chinanews Client, January 25th. On the evening of the 24th Beijing time, the 2021 Thailand Badminton Open entered the final day of the competition. In the end, Denmark’s Ansailong and Spain’s Marin won the men’s singles and women’s singles again after the Yonex Thailand game last week.

Image source: World Badminton Federation

In the women’s singles final, Spanish player Marin played against Chinese Taipei’s Dai Ziying. The two sides struggled from the start. After the game reached 13 points, Marin scored 5 points to widen the gap, although Dai Ziying stubbornly chased the score. Until 19:20, but Marin still won the first game 21:19.

In the second game, Dai Ziying was completely passive. After she fell behind at 8:17, she narrowed the difference to 3 points, but in the end Marin won another game 21:17 and doubled Dai Zi within two weeks. Ying won the women’s singles championship again.

In the men’s singles final staged the Danish Civil War, Ansailong faced veteran Wittinghus. The game showed a one-sided trend. In the first game, Axelon easily won 21:11; in the second game, Axelon easily won 21:7 again, beating the opponent with a total score of 2:0 for two consecutive weeks. Men’s singles champion.

The women’s doubles final was held between two pairs of South Korea, Kim So Young/Kong Hee Young 2:0 Lee So Hee/Shin Seung Chan. In the men’s doubles, Chinese Taipei team Li Yang/Wang Qilin 2:0 Malaysian team Xie Dingfeng/Su Weiyi won the championship. In the mixed doubles final, Thailand’s Dechapo/Sasiri 2:0 and South Korea’s Seung-jae/Cai Yoo-jeong played at home. (Finish)Return to Sohu to see more


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